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Friday, 6 July 2012

Pink Saturday

Hi bloggerettes! I hope you all had a splendid holiday this past week.

It's Pink Saturday time again....

I have had my eye on a pink depression glass pitcher for quite some  time. It was in an antique shop and I have been dreaming of it sitting on my table. Ever have those dreams?

Well, long story short, I finally treated myself to it. And since it was in the shop for a while, the lady sold it to me with five dollars off the price so I was happy.

Some things you just have to have and this was one of them for me! The little goblets were a gift from my cousin. They too are  depression glass.

The pitcher is fairly heavy and has a wonderful handle. Would you like some lemonade?

Lemonade always looks nicer in a pretty jug, don't you think?
At the same shop I also found another pink depression glass piece which I will share another week.

If you want to see lots more pink, then check out my post below. I have shared some pretty teacups and roses. You will get an eyeful.

Thank you for coming by today and please visit Beverly's lineup of pinkies this week.

Oh, and by the way, I would like to invite you all to stop by on  Monday the 9th for my Anne of Green Gables Tea Party. Would love to have you! Have a fabulous pink weekend.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Such gorgeous pale color! I think there are getting to be great prices in glass, don't you? Maybe I'll get out the pink lemonade! have a great weekend!

  2. So beautiful, love that pink color, and how lucky to have the glasses from your cousin, too! I'd love to stop by for pink lemonade :) Hugs ~ Mary

  3. Hi Sandi!
    Your lemonade looks so refreshing and pretty in the depression glass pitcher. I just got back from shopping for depression glass, but green. It is so hot here so I think I will have a glass. Thank you and have a Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Good Day, Sandi...

    The pitcher is very pretty, and how wonderful that the glasses match so beautifully. Oh, I'd love some lemonade, thank you.

    Blessings for a Happy Pink Day,

  5. Super! Some things are just meant to be - and this set was MEANT to go home with you! Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  6. HPS!

    A glass please! We are roasting in T.O.!


  7. Hello Sandi
    I was thinking of you when I saw a pink depression glass bowl at the flea market on the weekend. I'm glad you finally treated yourself and bought the pitcher; it couldn't have gone to a better home.

  8. What a lovely set Sandi! Lemonade sure does taste better in pretty glasses! Stay cool, it's going to be 100 and humid tomorrow! UGGG! I'm counting the days til fall. lol


  9. You made a good choice in the lovely pink glassware.

  10. VERY NICE! and your Wallpaper is pink too! Happy pink Saturday! Have a great week end
    (Check out my pinks! NIC)

  11. Your jug is such a pretty colour and even more beautiful with pink Lemonaide in it. Thanks so much for the drink.

  12. Hi Sandi!

    I love depression glass, too. Great that you finally treated yourself to this beauty of a pitcher. I'm sure you'll enjoy it every day.

    Thanks for visiting the peony post and I hope you have a simply delightful weekend! – g

  13. I only have a collection of green depression glass, but pink is twice as lovely! SO romantic!

  14. What an absolutely charming pitcher, Sandi. I'd buy that in a minute, too. And the glasses match it perfectly.

    Oh, and your roses in the tea cups were so delightful. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  15. that looks absolutely delicious and refreshing and with the heatwave we've been experiencing for the past 2 weeks - it would be greatly appreciated right now. Hope you have a fun and COOL Pink Saturday!

  16. How lovely! You made a great purchase that will bring pleasure for years to come!
    Gmama Jane

  17. Sandi,
    Now you know that I am totally in love with that pink pitcher!!!
    Lucky you!


  18. Hi Sandi, The pitcher and stemmed glasses are so delicate. You know me,can't pass up pink glass at the right price either. xx

  19. Sandi, your pink depression glass is beautiful!
    The lemonade looks fabulous in your new pitcher and I love the embroidered cloth!
    Very pretty.. as always :-)

    Thanks for praying for me, dear friend - I am upholding you and your hubby - get well, too!
    Have a lovely weekend..
    Trish xx

  20. I like your pitcher very much, Sandi. It looks perfect with the pink lemonade.

  21. What a gorgeous color pink. I don;t think we have that sort of glass here, I must go on the internet and see.

  22. Hi Sandi,
    I agree some things we just have to have! The pitcher is a beauty and the glasses too.
    Hope you and your husband are feeling better now.

    Enjoy all this beautiful summer weather.


  23. Very lovely. I just adore this set it is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.


  24. Gorgeous! Love depression ware and your pink is so pretty. You can find some good prices on it right now.

  25. Oh Sandi, your beautiful Depression glass looks absolutely wonderful against your lovely embroidered tablecloth! Your photo is pretty enough to be on the cover of a magazine...I'm thinking, Romantic Homes? Have a terrific weekend! Hugs, Terri

  26. Hi Sandi...Lemonade please.
    Simply beautiful.
    Happy Pink Saturday! xo Tami

  27. Oh yes, lovely pink pitcher and looks so delicious full of pink lemonade. Aren't you glad you bought it? Hugs, Lu

  28. Love the pink depression pitcher! The perfect thing for lemonade. Hope you are staying cool there, thanks for stopping by, Laura

  29. Yes indeed that pitcher needed to come home with you. Looks so pretty with your glasses and filled with lemonade.

  30. I love your new pitchere Sandi- and yes yes yes lemonade (pink or yellow) looks so much better in a pretty pitcher.

    You did well, my lady!

    Your little and tall glasses look awesome with it, too!

    I think I will go pour myself a glass of lemonade.....but it is purchased and in the boring ugly plastic container from which it came.

    I need to do something about that, hadn't I????

  31. Oh my's lovely and makes that pink lemonade look even more delightful dear Sandi.

  32. Hi Sandi,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Your pink depression glass pitcher looks lovely with your glasses. Beautiful photo's! Have a wonderful week.


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