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Monday, 26 September 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Hello dear friends and welcome to the last Tea Time Tuesday for the month of September. Can you believe that? Already a new season has begun. I thought the following quote was a cute...

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Autumn has arrived and alas, I have embraced it as much as I can. It makes me sad to see Summer come to an end!  As you can see from the cute little pumpkins above, I have begun my Autumn decorating or fluffing as some might call it. Beautiful bright yellow mums and pumpkins adorn the front and back step and an Autumn wreath hangs on the door to welcome you all.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Hubby and I spent the better part of Saturday at the 70 Mile Yard Sale and came home with a few treasures which I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

My little fairy friends are spending more time indoors with me now although they were flitting about outdoors today and yesterday. It is just like a Summer day the past two days with wonderfully warm temperatures.

You remember Breena...

She and her little friend January are waiting patiently for me to show you my new teacup so that they can enjoy some tea too. January accompanied my Auntie P back from one of her trips and she is now living at my house.

Do you see my new teacup? My hubby gifted me with this teacup while we were on vacation.

Remember I had taken you to Victoria-by-the-Sea a few weeks ago? We had gone to a lovely little tea room as well as several little shops. One of those was an antique shop and he got me this....

A gorgeous pink and white teacup laced with gold filigree in a beautiful floral pattern. The cup has a sweet pink rose inside. It's a delightful addition to my collection!

There is also a rose adorning the saucer. 

This lovely vintage teacup is Windsor  from England. The gentleman who sold it to us was filling in for the proprietress that day and he couldn't tell us a thing about it. I couldn't find anything on the Internet either. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

The teacup is so thin it is almost translucent. I just love it! The soft shade of pink reminds me of a sunset when the sweet blush of pink is just starting to tint the sky in the evening.

Have you noticed the soft green place mats adorned with daisies? They were a gift from my sweet Auntie P also. My Auntie P and I are very close in case you haven't already guessed.

Gotta new teapot too awhile back. I used it a couple of weeks ago in my tea post but wanted to draw attention to it today. It's a soft sage green. Oh, I do love tea things, don't you?

Autumn is a time for pumpkins and tasty warm desserts like Peach Crisp.

I am having Ginger Peach tea today.
Would you like a cup?

I always take my tea black
and I enjoy seeing the pattern through my tea.

Would you like some Peach Crisp with your tea?

A dollop of fresh whipped cream in the bottom of the glass with warm and crumbly peach crisp layered on top. Then another dollop of whipped cream on top of that. Yum!

Hubby brought home the lime green carnations. He's so good to me! Aren't they pretty?

Fruit, flowers, and tea...a lovely combination for Autumn or anytime.

The fairies agree!

Life is a cup to filled, not drained. ~ Anonymous

Now, just one more cup of tea while I peruse two of my favourite magazines; Victoria and Tea Time.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new vintage teacup. 

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

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"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..." ~ Ecclesiastes 1:1
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  1. Hi Sandi,
    your hubby is so sweet to you. The tea cup is beautiful, so dainty and feminine. It is a nice different that it is decorated inside instead of outside. I don't know anything about this mark but hopefully their will be sombody of your reader, who is familiar with English China. The table setting with the fairys and the green carnations is marvellous. Thank you for having me for tea and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  2. Hi Sandi,
    Your Autumn tea is just lovely and I adore the teacup and saucer you dear hubby gifted to you. I love the design on it and the strokework with a pink rose. Very inspiring for an artist. I do not know anything about it though and I hope you do find out from someone who visits.
    I also love your pretty placemats and what a gorgeous touch with the green carnations. Your pretty teapot is such a sweet style.
    Thank you for sharing your yummy peach dessert too along with the peach tea.
    Give the little fairies my best. They are too sweet.

    So enjoyed my visit with you for tea. Have a wonderful week.
    Blessings and Hugs,
    Celestina Marie

  3. Sandi, the Windsor teacup is just lovely.

    Here in Florida, we will still have summer for at least another four weeks. I am so tired of it. Guess it is hard for God to please all of us, isn't it? We have almost no fall but our winters are heaven on earth.

    Thanks so much for hosting....always look forward to this.

    Hugs, Barb

  4. Lovely...I love the rose in the cup, a little reward for drinking the last drop...but that tea pot is calling my name. I may have to look for one of those.

  5. Sandi you are so blessed with such a dear husband! Gorgeous teacup and I love the color of the carnations! The Peach Crisp sounds perfect - I think I'll make a cobbler tonight! Hope you have a marvelous week,

  6. Hi Sandi
    Your new teacup is very pretty and I love the colour of your tea pot.
    Yes, like you, I am enamoured with everything related to tea. :-)
    Hopefully by next week's tea I'll have my own computer back and can download all the photos from my camera.
    The green carnations are nice too!

  7. Sandi, I so love your new Windsor teacup. So pretty and so you with that rose motif.A beautiful gift.Here in Australia we're starting Spring, such a lovely time of the year, it's my first Aussie one in twelve years. I've been overly busy at the moment, but will try to post today and join in tea. I so loved your tea time today and I would stay and chat over a cup of tea and your peach delight.I love every season and your Fall vignettes I'm sure will look beautiful.Those pumpkins are so adorable.I celebrated my neices confirmation this week with red carnations and gerberas.Have a lovely week.

  8. Hi Sandi! Your new teacup is beautiful. I love the translucent look as well. What a lovely hubby you have! And what a wonderful Aunt! Those place mats are so pretty. and your soft green teapot is lovely. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful evening!

  9. Hello Sandi,
    I loved coming for tea with you once again!
    The table was beautiful with the carnations and I liked your Fall decorations, too.!
    You're a lucky girl having an attentive husband who could choose such a nice gift!
    I know nothing about the backstamp on the tea cup... there are so many china makers in England!
    Thanks for hosting.

  10. Oh Terri, your new teacup set is just adorable. Such pretty pinks and gold and the design is just fabulous. Your hubby is so sweet.....Christine

  11. What a sweet gift with such darling and dainty cup from your dear hubby, such a sweet and loving gesture! Very different with the lovely decorations inside, wow! English china is so stunning and gorgeous! I love your flower arrangements, your entire tea table is beautiful! Thank you for hosting and I am your newest follower, thought I was! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  12. I like your word fits, doesn't it! What a lovely blushing teacup. Beautiful! And what a thoughtful man. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Hi Sandi, I enjoyed your tea post today. Your new teacup is very pretty and that peach crumble sounds delicious. The weather has been so nice and I hope it continues for a while longer don't you? Have a lovely week. Pamela

  14. What a sweet gift your hubby gave you! It is so delicate and dainty. I love teacups so I enjoyed stopping by. Good to see you here. Anne

  15. Hello Dear Sandi,
    I just love sharing tea with you the beginning of each week. Visiting your blog is such a blessing - so thankful you shared your post with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  16. Hello, Sandi
    Thank you for hosting tea this week; I thought I would join you.
    I did a little internet snooping, but haven't had any luck finding information about your lovely Windsor teacup.

  17. Looking forward to seeing your treasures. How lovely to drink out of that cup...and your reward after you are finished is to see that beautiful tose!

  18. Ohhhhhhh,ahhhhhhhhh!! I LOVE your green teapot....and the fairies are sweet, Sandi! How fun to go to a wonderful yard sale and look for treasure! You sure found some. Thank you for hosting. I guess living in SO Ca I look forward to the END of summer....hurrah for cooler weather and a change of seasons since we have so much sun all the time. "Grass is greener", right? LOL

  19. Hello Sandi! what a beautiful tea time tuesday post, as usual, you have a beautiful teacup and teapot, how sweet of your hubby and your auntie P to give you the lovely gifts, i love the pumpkins and the cute little fairies, wonderful food and fruits too, always enjoying myself here! thanks for sharing and hosting again! Blessings, Susan

  20. Beautiful new cup, Sandi and I love the pink with the green!

  21. And, what a sweet hubby you have, my dear, that would bless you with such loveliness! A darling cup - the rose at the bottom is a stunner. I do love the thinness of the china, too. It feels so very delicate to me - like drinking out of lace! Love all your soft and sage greens - a favorite in our home. Though, my tea post today features blue.

  22. Sandi, your new teacup is just stunning! I love it! Your placemats are lovely, too. Hope to have time to take a few photos this evening and link up to your party. Thanks for hosting a party where kindred souls can share tea things special to their hearts. Bess

  23. LOVING your new tea cup -- what a sweet tea :)


  24. Hello Sandi (I have a dear sister named Sandi, also!)
    I love your dainty new tea cup! How sweet of your hubby to get it for you! I just linked my blog to Tea Time Tuesday for the first time! I love "all things tea!" Happy to join in the fun.

  25. Lovely teatime pics. Thanks for inviting us all to the party.

  26. I love your little teacup Sandi! You have such pretty little pots too.
    I made peach crisp Sunday, and I do believe I could eat it every single day of the week.

  27. Beautiful setting for welcoming in autumn. Your new tea cup is truly a beautiful treasure. And your sage tea pot is certain to accompany many an autumn tea, perfect shade!

    Your fairies are too cute... and so patient. Your peach crumble looks yummy and does the sound of the tea you have chosen for toady. Hope you don't mind .. I'll take seconds on the peach crumble please. And thank you for stopping by.

    Happy reading my friend, some great inspiration in both those magazines !! xo HHL

  28. Sandi, this is just a gorgeous post. Love ALL of your pretty cups, the flowers, and the fairies. Just lovely.



  29. Oh Sandi! I am swooning over your new tea cup! It is just perfect with it's coloring, the gold gilding and the rose! Your husband sure knows how to pick a cup!
    Everything looks beautiful on your table, fairies included!

  30. Hi Sandi,
    your new cup from hubby is very beautiful! He has good taste.
    I love the pink rose in the base and the gold filigree work on the outside.
    I tried to find info for you but no luck so far.
    Your Peach Crisp looks delicious to me and I'll drink anything with ginger in it, lol!
    Aunt P sounds like a wonderful lady :-)
    Thanks for linking up today.
    Have a very blessed and warm week, my friend.
    love and hugs..Trish

  31. extheI am fairly new to your blog but am really enjoying it. The new teacup and saucer are exaquisite! Also love the small green teapot especially the slightly scalloped edge. I use a ginger/peach tea quite often for iced tea in the summertime. I store my lovely little tea items in a small antique dough cupboard which belonged to my parents.

  32. Now girlfriend....YOU KNOW KNOW KNOW I'm loving that cup! I have two that are VERY similar!

    You sweet Autumn Tea looks just LOVELY!


  33. Sandy...that tea cup makes me remember why I love pink rose teacups.
    Happy fall but keep the pink!

  34. Hi Sandi,

    Such a lovely teacup, I love the design. Your husband sounds like a sweetheart. I love that sage green teapot and your peach crisp has made me hungry. Everything looks so lovely.


  35. I absolutelly love love love your blog!!So happy to find you.Anew friend from Greece...

  36. I always enjoy visiting your precious blog and thank you for linking up to Friends Sharing Tea! What a lovely autumn tea you made!


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