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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dreaming of Paris

Hello everyone. I hope you've all had a wonderful week. Like everyone else, I have my dreams and wish list.

One of them is to visit France someday and see the Eiffel Tower and to sample the wonderful French food I've heard so much about. At this point in time, Paris is still in the dream stage although I have a son over there right now. He's in France for three weeks at a Math conference in Nantes although he has been and will be spending time in Paris as well. He has been taking photos and so I'm seeing the Eiffel Tower through his eyes right now.

He started off with a little tease..."Hmm, what is this?" He asked.

Still teasing...a view from underneath.

Another shot...Isn't that just like a guy?

Yet another....

OK, here's the whole spectacular thing!


Something you may not know about me is that I have a few Eiffel Towers in my home! Wanna see?

This one was brown originally and I painted it white.

This one is on the wall by our pellet stove in the family room. It is quite large; about three feet high.

A close up.

A book on the mosaic coffee table which I keep a notepad and pen in.

This one is also in the family room. It too is quite large if you compare it to the teapot.

And my newest aquisition, a frenchy clock with the famous Tower on it; a gift from my hubby.

And there you have it! Yes, I love the Eiffel Tower and maybe someday I will get to see it for real. For now, I'm happy my son gets to enjoy it! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Sandi, I'd love to go to Paris too! I did visit there when I was in high school, but I think I was too young to really appreciate it! Someday, maybe...

  2. Hi Sandi,

    Oh...I love France. I'd love to spend some time in Paris, too. I've been to Paris a few times...but only while I was on the way via train to visit friends in Northwestern part of France. This was all when I was living in Europe years ago :) :) That's wonderful that your son is taking photos and you can tour France through his photos ;) :)

    Oh, on a random sidenote, my followers list has disappeared from my blog. So if you go to my blog and have problems, let me know. I posted a question on the blogger forum. i'm hoping this problem will be fixed soon.

    Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3.'ve got the same Eiffel Tower habit as me and I also have statues and the same one as you on the wall. Love Paris!!

  4. I enjoy learning new things about blog friends. How interesting about your collection of Eiffel Towers.
    My nephew was a candy buyer for Target a few years back and got to travel to Paris. We enjoyed his photos very much but can you believe he did not even bring me a box of chocolates???????
    I hope you son has a wonderful time and just maybe, he'll bring you a surprise!

  5. Sandi, I so hope you get to Paris someday. You'll be in awe of not only the Eiffel Tower, but all the wonders of this amazing city. Nantes is a lovely town too. Glad your son is getting this experience. ~ Sarah

  6. Me-my dream is to return to Great Britain in the early summer. When we went it was in February and I was able to enjoy snowdrops, daffodils, crocus and primroses. Now I want to see the beauty of summer.♥♫

  7. I would love to visit France, but not see all the Lavender Fields. You will make one day for sure. Take care and have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Sandi,
    My friend Merle has had a dream to go to Paris with a friend/co-worker when they retired. Sadly her friend died before retirement.
    Merle asked me to travel with her and fulfill her dream.
    Over the years my husband has had various heart problems/ops and two cancer ops. He told me to go to France as his thank you to me for looking after him.
    SO--- In september, Merle and I will be living her dream.
    I'll think of you and I hope you get to have you dream come true
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  9. Oh my.... yummy! Especially love the new clock....

    Warm blessings,

  10. Hi Sandi,
    You do have a nice collection of Eiffel towers.
    I hope your son has a great time in Paris and hope you get to go someday too.
    Take care,

  11. Your son took some amazing photos of the Eiffel Tower and it looks beautiful. What an amazing structure! You have a nice collection of your own towers and I hope that one day you will get to visit the real one. Have a great weekend Sandi, Pamela

  12. Hi Sandi,

    I really hope your dream comes true! There is something about France that is so intriguing. Your Eiffel Towers are beautiful.

  13. Oh how I would love to go to Paris. Maybe someday. . . Love your post. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  14. What wonderful photos of the Eiffel Tower!!! I would love to go to France too- its a huge dream of mine!! Thank you for sharing this at FNF :)

  15. Very nice pictures he teased you with. I never realized how big the Eiffel tower was until I saw it on a Paris blog. It is huge. I guess I thought it was much smaller. You have many lovely Eiffels around the house too. They are very nice. Thanks for linking this up at HSH!


I am delighted to have you visit me and I read every comment. Please forgive me for not being able to visit you all as there are so many of you lovely bloggy friends now. I will visit as much as possible. I wish you a day filled with JOY! ~ Sandi