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Monday, 30 August 2010

Tea Time Tuesday and A Giveaway

Hello all my tea loving friends~ Welcome to my 32nd Tea Time Tuesday and how nice it is to have you stop by today!

My hubby and I are once again on vacation for one more week and the weather has been simply amazing for our day trips to the beach! The weather man promises us lovely weather for most of the week! In case any of you are wondering what kind of beach I'm talking about, take a look at the photos below. The sand dunes spread for miles all along our shores and the beaches are the best north of Florida, or at least we think so!

Now I want you to know that we always seek out a quiet spot to relax. We don't much care for noisy surroundings. We like to be able to hear the waves upon the shore.

In fact, I can't think of anything I enjoy more this time of year than...

A gentle breeze,
the sound of lacey edged waves lapping on the shore,
the warm sand beneath my feet,
the bright blue sky overhead,
and the one I love beside me!

Of course, there's the perfect cup of tea too!
One day the guy next to us was flying a kite and it looked so pretty up there in the bright blue sky that I just had to take a picture! We are so blessed to have such lovely beaches here on Prince Edward Island!

Since we are on vacation and enjoying a little bit more of the Summer, I thought I would do a simple tea today, sort of a picnic tea.
"Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors." ~ Alice Walker
A simple white teapot and cup ready for the picnic table. There are no markings on either the teapot or the cup. Would you care for a tea sandwich with some grape tomatoes on the side?

Perhaps a cookie? Chocolate chip!How about a glass of cold iced tea? When the weather is as warm as it is right now, iced tea is welcome too!This is a pattern which I saw at our Canadian Tire years ago and I couldn't resist it. Anything that looks like transferware strikes my fancy!

As you can see from the stamp on the bottom of the plate, it is called 17th century by Staffordshire Engravings made in China. The cups are a good size and are made much like a mug but comes with its own saucer. This pattern is wonderful for a full course meal or a simple picnic. I love pretty dishes and I think the presentation of a pretty table or picnic table, makes the tea or meal that much more inviting.

"I can drink tea until the cows come home and I love the atmosphere in tea-shops." ~ Zola Budd

As I promised last week, I have added a couple more items to my Giveaway.

A little teaspoon from Paderno which is a famous company here in Canada. They make fabulous cookware. Also, a tiny creamer/milk jug, which is perfect for a tea for one or coffee creamer for one, also from Paderno. These are very popular here in our Bed and Breakfasts. You might want to use it for what it was originally intended or you can hang it on the Christmas tree. I have tied a sheer ribbon on it to hang; it's up to you.
So there you have it....a Royal Albert tea strainer, a bag of Prince Edward Island Preserve Company Raspberry Lemon tea, a miniature creamer, and a silver teaspoon.

Last week I mentioned to you that the winner of the Giveaway will be announced next Tea Time Tuesday. All you need to do is let me know in your comment that you would like to enter. I am sorry but due to mailing costs, entries are limited to Canadian and US bloggers only. My sincere apologies to my friends across the pond!

"Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." ~ Matthew 4:4

I'm so happy you stopped by for tea today. If you would like to participate in my Tea Time Tuesday party, please let me know in your comment and I will gladly add your link for you. Just share a teacup, teapot, or some china used in a tea. You may also do coffee, iced tea, or chocolate. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be most welcome too.
Either of the two Tea Time buttons near the top of my sidebar are available for you to use in your post if you wish. As a courtesy, please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit all my lovely participants.

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Please also take some time to visit the other tea party hostesses today. You will find their links with the asterisks ** in front of their names.
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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. That is lovely little tea. I love the "picnic style" in the basket. That's wonderful. Thanks for hosting and have a nice vacation.

  2. I LOVE your white unmarked tea set... It looks "lacy" to me, and I DO adore that! Everything is ALWAYS so beautiful here...Thank you for sharing... I do have something I would like to share with you too...

  3. It's me again! I don't know how to post, I don't see Mr. Linky so I thought maybe you do the post so HERE what I would like to share...

  4. "Me Again"!!! PLEASE enter me in your giveaway!!! Would LOVE those goodies!!! Hugs, Donna

  5. Hi Sandi!

    What a pretty "tea in a basket". I just love all the red transferware! Beautiful! And your giveaway just becomens more and more inticing!!

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

    Oh, and my tea party is posted!

  6. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Please link me to your party:


    The Tablescaper

  7. I love your tea, Sandi! First you show the beautiful beaches - wow...then your lovely Staffordshire dishes. They're really pretty, Sandi. You have such good taste! I'd love to participate in your giveaway...the tea, tea infuser, silver teaspoon and creamer are great! It's a privilege to share tea with you today. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    Blessings, Beth

  8. Oh, yes, please, I'll take a tea sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie along with a lovely glass of iced tea. Sounds like a totally lovely tea party.

    Your beach is beautiful!!! How relaxing and refreshing to spend several hours there, enjoying the sun and the salt spray and listening to the crashing of the waves and the screeching of the birds. Oh, I'm in bigtime envy.

    Yes, please, enter me in your giveaway if I haven't told you already.

    Have a super rest of the week with your dear one.


    PS I'm still working on my tea post. I'll let you know when it's up.

  9. G'eve Sandi ~ I shall laze before the water, drifting away in thoughts of joining your wonderful tea party. Everything is lovely ...
    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

    PS I'd love to be entered in your giveaway

  10. Love your picnic tea party! My post is up now too.

  11. Would love to be entered..I am a follower...and of course a tea-drinker...Sounds like your vacation is wonderful

  12. This is a charming post for your tea party and yes I would like to enter your giveaway.

  13. What a charming tea setting! Love the kite in the sky, too - perfect blue, vacationing sky! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway, too! Thanks and enjoy the rest of your time away! :)

  14. Hello Sandi
    You look like you are having a good the china, I too have some from Canadian is great for everyday dishes! Your lunch looks yummy! Enjoy the rest of your holiday..


  15. What a lovely post-thanks for sharing those holiday snaps! They are making me wish that Summer was here right now! Spring officially starts here tomorrow and the school term finishes on the 17th so after that I will be back to my regular Tuesday tea party postings! I can't wait to join in again!

    Best wishes always,

  16. Dearest Sandi,

    That looked like a lovely tea with your cups & saucers. Glad you got to enjoy the beach and some real quiet time!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  17. Oh I have some of these dishes as well. I love using them for tea too (and sometimes hot chocolate!).
    Thank you so much for your beautiful post.

  18. Hoping you are having a lovely vacation Sandi!! Please add my post to your teaparty!! I love your transferware, and especially love that your curtains match so well! What a sweet set! Love how the white goes so well with them all snug in a basket. I'd be a happy camper if I won your giveaway too!
    Blessings, Doni
    here's my post:

  19. Yes, I'd love to participate once again. I love your beautiful pictures of the beach ... so relaxing and peaceful! And the "simple" tea setting is really very lovely. :)

  20. I love your little picnic, Sandi! Thanks for having me at your party today.

  21. Love your pictures. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  22. My post is up now, Sandi. You can add my link.


  23. What fun. My Bear would not let me bring my tea things to the beach. I opted for sun tea in a mason jar. Your photos are lovely and I love your white tea pot. Take care.

  24. Hi Sweetie!
    I just finally got a chance to get on my puter! Hubby is busy getting everything ready for his start of work, which is tomorrow! So bittersweet, but thankful for a job in the crazy world we live in!

    I am also busy helping my daughter prep her room for painting. So I may be very busy these next few days.

    In saying all this...I will probably miss my Tea post the next few weeks! But will be sure to get back on board once life settles!

    Happy Tea...I love your goodies and I do believe I am entered, if NOT I'd love to be. I also love your beach pictures. I so miss living by the beaches that I grew up by. Being a west coast girl in the midwest where there is no ocean has been very tough. Hoping to move south, and closer to a beach eventually.

    Hugs and love!

  25. Hi Sandi - thanks for sharing such lovely photos with us, especially the beautiful ocean waves. I would join you for a tea picnic for sure :)
    Stopping by from Tea Cup Tuesday.

  26. Hi dear lady... looks like you and your honey are just having the time of your lives!!! I'm so happy for you, sweet friend! The beaches in your photos are sooo beautiful! You guys sound like my honey and me...we prefer the quiet...out of the way places over the busy, busy! Have a grand time, my friend! Don't forget the sunscreen! Hehe!

    Sandi, your picnic tea is fabulous! Of course, red transferware is my favorite and your beautiful dishes just look gorgeous with your white tea set! Sooo many pretties! Thank you for sharing them with us for Tea Time Tuesday! I also want to thank you for hosting this fun filled Tuesday Tea...and for adding my link this week!

    I'm sooo excited about your giveaway! I mentioned in my last comment that I would like to particpate in your giveaway! I loved the tea goodies that you added this week! very sweet of you, Sandi!!!

    Have a fabulous time at the beach, my friend!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  27. Lovely tea set. Beautiful pictures. I'd love to be entered in your sweet giveaway.

  28. Looks like you are having a grand week!! away. Love the water and blue sky. I feel relaxed just looking at your pictures.
    Its amazing what you can find at Canadian Tire!! The tea party in the basket is perfect for the beach setting.
    I wouls love to enter your giveaway. Great selection!
    Thank you for sharing tea with us.
    Blessings, Pam

  29. Ooooooo! I love your Staffordshire china! I just picked up a Staffordshire teapot but I'm saving it until Pink Saturday. God bless!

  30. Very lovely set. I especially like the quote about tea being like an indoor picnic.


  31. Oh, yes! Tea is an indoor picnic. Your post made me smile. Love the dishes. Happy Tea Day!

  32. Hi Sandi,
    How lovely the beach looks and so relaxing..I have always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. Maybe one day I'll make it there.
    Please drop my name into hat..
    I love tea cups and tea pots, so your Tea Time Tuesdays are always fun for me to read.
    Have a sweet day, Big hugs-Elizabeth

  33. Love the mix of red and white! It all looks attractive...darling basket.

  34. Hi Sandi...LOVE YOUR TEA always. I'm really late with my post today...because of work. I'll have something posted late tonight. Oh, I don't have any more tea things :( :( Is it okay to repeat some things? I could tell more stories about how I acquired each piece...but it'll be awhile before I'm able to get more teacups and tea things. I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is...Oh thank you for all the nice comments on my blog :) :) :) I love them...especially after a long day of selling peaches over the phone :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  35. Hi cool...thanks for leaving the message on my blog :) :) I don't feel under pressure...I was just a little sad at the thought of not being able to participate. I LOVE TEA...and I"ll happily share repeats and I'll see about demoing my tea things with actual food this time around :) :) :) I love to eat too :) :) Okay...repeats...good...I've got just the story to share for today. It will be late tonight...but I"ll get it up there :) :) Thank you are a real "peach" :) :)..a true sweetheart :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  36. I simply love anything tea related. You 'transferware
    ' pieces are so pretty.

    You are very sweet to host this nice giveaway!

    Deborah in NC

  37. Hi: You look like you had a wonderful time at the beach. Love your tea cups. Please add me to your list. I like being a part of your party. Blessings, Martha

  38. That looks like a wonderful place to vacation - I love the beach too. Your picnic tea looks lovely. That transferware look china is very pretty.

    Please enter me in your giveaway - thanks.

  39. So beautiful! I am inspired to try to make my next outdoor meal every bit as lovely and creative. I like the quote about tea being an indoor picnic. Please sign me up for your give-away!

    I read the post below,wow~what a special friend, and it is the most wonderful you will see her again one day.

  40. Hello, Sandi!

    I am so glad that you are enjoying your vacation!
    I just LOVE your tea vignette fro today! I adore transferware and your is just lovely!
    I did not know that you have MD as I read in one of your previous posts. You are in my prayers and always will be, my friend!

    Thanks again for your kind words in regards to our Savanna. We are adjusting and it is getting a bit better.

    Hugs to you my dear friend,

  41. Hi Sandy, Your blog is beautiful and I am your newest follower. You have a way of presenting your items through your photography that is breathtaking. I love chintz! *hugs*

  42. p.s. I would love to enter your wonderful giveway...please count me in!

  43. Oh, yes, please enter me in your giveaway! Thanks, Connie

  44. That beach looks so inviting! I live a half hour from the beach but haven't been able to make it lately due to a couple of surgeries I needed to have. BUT..just as the weather will be cooling, I will be able to take a little drive or two down there! Can't wait! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!!!

  45. Hi, Sandi,
    I loved joining you for tea today. You always have the prettiest tea things. The sea shore looks heavenly, and I can see why you and hubby love to visit there all you can. Hope your week has been a good one, dear friend. Love and hugs to you~Vicki

  46. Everything looks so beauty. I want to add my name to the party list every week. I really enjoy being a part of this event. Thank you so much for sharing all your pretty things. Blessings, Martha


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