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Friday, 9 October 2009

It Is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada

Hello everyone~ It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I would like to wish all my Canadian friends a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all of our blessings: life, the love of family and friends, and good food. A special time set aside to thank God for His many blessings upon us!

This weekend is also bittersweet for me, for in the midst of it all, I remember the news I received nineteen years ago from my best friend Carol who had breast cancer.
Her family doctor had made a house call on Thanksgiving Day to inform her that she only had two months to live! I can still recall the shock and the sadness of hearing that dreadful news! Sadly, she didn't even make the two months for she was gone by the 25th of November. I still miss her, especially this time of year.
But I am so very thankful for the time I had her as my friend and I can look back and remember fondly, all the special times we spent together.

When I was growing up, my family moved around a lot and so I did not get close to too many people. It was only after I had married and settled down into my own home that I met Carol and it didn't take long to recognize that we were kindred spirits.
She was the best friend I had been seeking my whole life, and I hers, because she had also moved around when she was growing up. We had similar backgrounds. Both of us always wanted a special friend and we had finally found it in each other.
We had so much in common. There was only a year between us; we each had three sons, we adored our husbands, and we both loved the Lord. We were both girly-girls.

We liked all the same things, and Christmas was especially fun to look forward to. We were like two little girls in that we loved shopping and browsing the stores with all their decorations. We enjoyed everything about Christmas, the music and all the festivities. We enjoyed life! And we were so thankful that we had found a friend in each other.
Her youngest son and my oldest son were best friends and are to this day, very close friends.

Cancer is an enemy and so many of us are touched by it in one way or another. My first cousin Cynthia is an RN and she is reminded every day about how devastating the disease is because she not only sees it every day on the job but her husband Jim is suffering with brain cancer. He is undergoing treatments but they can only do so much for him. I ask that those of you who believe in prayer and the power of it would pray for Jim and Cynthia. They need a miracle! You can find their picture on my sidebar.

There are others who need a miracle; and I think of Debbie's daughter, Amy. Most of us are familiar with Amy's story and are praying for her.
There are so many, and we pray for God's blessing, healing, and mercy upon them all.

Thanksgiving ~ A time to give thanks for all our blessings, both past and present!

God bless each of you who visit my blog this weekend. I pray you all have a beautiful weekend.
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. OH...Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you in Canada! I never even THOUGHT that maybe they would be different days. DUH! :)

    Blessings to you sweet friend. Enjoy the Holiday and all the wonderful things from God's Bounty.

    Love, Rebecca

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! As you know in the states we celebrate in November.
    Blessings from Gwen.

  3. I am thanking GOD for you right now, knowing in the midst of your pain you are asking for prayers for Jim and Debbie. I am adding them to my prayers.
    Cancer is evil and yes, it does touch all our lives. GOD BLESS, andrea

  4. Sandi, have a very nice Thanksgiving.
    We have so much to be thankful for!

  5. Sandi,
    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your is always a special time for our family also when we gather at Jillian's house in November.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I think we should all celebrate this one monthly. Is there oone in the UK too? I need to research this. hehe You are right we need to be thankful, as we are blessed. It was very nice to mention Debbie and Amy, they do need our prayers.
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Your photo of the Thanksgiving pumpkin centerpiece is lovely, but your words are even lovelier. I am sorry you lost your friend so early, and of course I hope your "cousin-in-law" Jim can recover from his cancer.

    I am so sad about Amy. She and her family are such good people. I am still hoping for a miracle.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving sweet Sandy. I hope it is a truly blessed time for you and your family. I know the memories of your friend are so precious to you. It is very hard to lose those we care about it isn't it? xo rachel


I am delighted to have you visit me and I read every comment. Please forgive me for not being able to visit you all as there are so many of you lovely bloggy friends now. I will visit as much as possible. I wish you a day filled with JOY! ~ Sandi

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