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Monday, 13 July 2009

Blue Monday

Happy Blue Monday! Would you believe this is my 201st post? Hard to believe!!
Today's offering will be short and sweet. I'm on the run so hopefully you will enjoy what I have for you today.

First up, is a beautiful blue hydrangea. I love hydrangeas of all colours but there's something very special about the blue ones!

Then there is this little cherub, asleep in the crib! I don't think there is anything more innocent than the sight of a sleeping baby! This is my grandson Zachary and he is 10 and a half months. Lots of blue here.
This is him again before taking a nap. He reminds me of his father, all smiles and not wanting to nap. I miss those days! {I think}Blue on his t-shirt, blue on his little blankie, and a blue critter; I believe it's Eeyore he is holding. I miss Zachary! This little darling lives way out on the other side of the country! Visits with this grandmother are very far apart! Boo-hoo!!
Thank you Sally for hosting another Blue Monday. You can visit Sally and all her participants by clicking on the link or the Blue Monday button on my sidebar.
UPDATE ON MY MOTHER: She got through her surgery and is recuperating nicely. Thank you so much, all you prayer warriors out there. Your prayers have made a big difference!
Have a nice day everyone and may God bless you!


Snoopygie said...

your grandson is sooo cute..
happy blue monday.

SmilingSally said...

Keep telling your mom that God loves her and that many are praying for her.

I have a Zachary grandson too! Aren't they wonderful? And yes, they are much more enjoyable up close. Happy Blue Monday

Jenny S said...

So cute!! My son is five now and out of the napping stage....I really miss those days, but he starts kindergarten this month...they grow up too fast!!

Regina said...

So cute. Nice post.

Have a nice week.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Sandi, awwwww, Zachary is so adorable. Such a sweet post. Happy Blue Monday.


bj said...

I could just kiss this little fella's skin right off...he is so cute and I love love love passies!!
i love your blue today...the very best kind.
xo bj

~Just me again~ said...

Awww, how cute its he? Nice flower too ;)

Andrea said...

Precious little cherub...Grandbabies are the best!!

claudie said...

Hi Sandi
Happy Blue Monday. There's nothing better than seeing a precious little face on your blog.
Love Claudie

Mary said...

What a sweetheart. Too bad he's so crabby :-). Have a wonderful day.

blushing rose said...

Prayers for Mom & look at that darling wee one .. he is gorgeous. TTFN ~Marydon

Carolyn said...

Hi Sandi,
I am sorry your Mom had to have more surgery. i pray she will continue to heal.
Zachery is a cutie!

Take care,


CeramiquesDeCherie said...

The sweetest baby blue of the day. Happy Blue Monday!

xinex said...

Ooooh! Zachary is so adorable! What a sweet angel! Love the blue hydrangeas...Christine

Candy said...

He's a cutie for sure. Love that age.

Monday Blessings, Candy

Mary said...

So glad to hear your Mom is recuping well :)
Zachary is a cutie pie...what a fun age!
Happy Blue Monday!
Mary :)

Lisa said...

Super sweet blues!!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Joyfulsister said...

I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing good, bless her heart.

Come over to my blog and click on the giveaway . My friend fannie is giving away three of her beautiful art of two women called kindred spirits.

Tell her I sent you over..

Hugz Lorie

Jensmere said...

Just stopped by to visit and really enjoyed the pictures...the little guy is so cute!

Love hydrangeas too..especially blue!

Cindy said...

Blue Hydrangeas are my favorite too, aren't they just gorgeous! What an adorable baby boy, I bet your so proud! Cindy

Itajeff @Something To Share said...

Helo Sandi,
Thank you for stopping by and leave me a comment. Your Zachary is so cute. Wonderful blue monday's post. Love your blog.

Have a nice day

Lots of luv,

Fannie said...

Hi, Sandi! What a creative post. Congrats on your 201st post and good wishes for many more.

I love hydrangeas, too, but have not been successful at growing them. My studio is decorated with silk hydrangeas.

Speedy recovery and healing to your mom.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Terry said...

Howdy Sandi
Oh how beatutiful are God's flowers and what an adorable sweet little boy.
He is just so cute you want to hold on tight and hug him but little boys do like to move about so I guess we will just have to be happy with your precious photos.
Thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us.
Your post are always so wonderful.
Happy Belated Blue Monday to you.
May the rest of your week be filled with joy.
Happy Trails

Becky said...

What a precious little face!
My Monday was a running kind of day too. ARe there any other kind? If so please share.

carina said...

Thank you for posting Zachary! Makes us proud!

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