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Monday, 17 October 2016

A Pink October

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ LM Montgomery

Hello dear friends ~ We Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving last Monday while the remnants of Hurricane Matthew lashed its way around us. Many lost their power but thankfully we didn't. I had my turkey in the oven and while the lights flickered a number of times, they stayed on. There was some very bad flooding in parts of the Maritimes.

We had a new roof put on our home the week before last. Talk about good timing! It was finished just before the storm hit and for that I'm very thankful!

The flip-flops and beach chairs have been put away for another year. Fat pumpkins are squatting on the steps as well as pots of mums and the Autumn wreath has replaced the summer one on the front door. 

I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion. ~ Henry David Thoreau

When I was hosting Tea Time Tuesday, I always shared a pink theme during the month of October to show my support of Breast Cancer Awareness

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I am taking a break from hosting parties right now, but I still want to show my support of this worthy cause. So, I am using my October Royal Albert teacup of the month, Cosmos.

I have paired it with some other pinks. The other teacup is an AynsleyPink isn't hard for me to come up with because it is a favourite colour. 

Pink is not only feminine, it is a feel good colour. It is known to soothe and bring a peaceful feeling into a room.

The perfect temperature for tea is two degrees hotter than just right. ~ Terri Guillemets

Nothing makes one's home smell any nicer this time of year than some baking. I baked another pumpkin pie and it will be my last until Christmas. I love the spicy scents wafting through my home!
Would you care to join me for a cup of tea and another piece of pie? I made crustless pumpkin pie this time. Fewer calories!

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~ Jim Bishop

The maple tree out front is really taking on its golden glow and everywhere the leaves are changing to red, orange, and yellow. 

Here on the Island we have the Confederation Trail which runs from one end of the Island to the other, 470 km or 282 miles long. These trails have replaced the old railway tracks and this time of year the trails are filled with dazzling colour and the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. This is one of the trails near our home. 

It's becoming a cobbler crust world with autumn in full swing.

I pray you are all doing well and looking forward to the Holidays. From now until Christmas it's going to get very busy. If you're anything like me, you look forward to the decorating, baking and surprises wrapped up in pretty packages for your loved ones. Wishing you all a lovely week and thank you for blessing me with your company. 

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 Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. I always find pleasure in your pink themed tea tables Sandi and I thought about you today looking at all the gorgeous RA china in the Royal Doulton store. In my clipart file is a pretty pink banner for breast cancer awareness you shared one year during the tea time Tuesday parties.
    The walking trail looks inviting and I love strolls this time of year with the colour and crunchy leaves underfoot.

  2. Your pink themed tea, honoring breast cancer awareness is beautiful, my friend. Yes please, I'd love a slice of your pumpkin pie! I do love your pretty Fall wreath on your yellow door. There's no crunching of leaves here yet, Sandi. We had temperatures in the 90's hoo! I did enjoy seeing your lovely trail with autumn colors that you get to use. Thanks for sharing your loveliness with us. May you have a happy week. 🍂🍁🍂

  3. Dear Sandi:
    The cosmos for October is perfect! What a lovely cup and saucer. My cosmos (because I constantly deadhead them) are huge and the bees and butterflies love them! I think this was a lovely post and tribute!

  4. Ah, pink roses are my favorite! I'm glad that Matthew didn't interrupt your Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you didn't have any damage or a mess to clean up. The rail where the tracks were is lovely. The colors are breathtaking. Have a great evening.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Sandi.

    We're getting a new roof next week. They sure are expensive, aren't they?

    Glad you got yours in time for the bad weather that hit you!

    Your tea time today is just so lovely.

  6. Beautiful post, Sandi! You are so right about tge brave people who understands fighting and sufferring. Your pink tea setting is lovely...Christine

  7. Your table and all of the pink is truly lovely. A great tribute to those fighting breast cancer. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  8. So glad that you were spared from the worst of the storm and that your new roof was installed in time. It's hard on the wallet, but you gotta stay dry, right?

    Your pink-themed tea time is a wonderful tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness. I also shared something pink this week in honour of the Famous Five.

  9. Hi Sandi, so glad your Thanksgiving wasn't interrupted by the storm. Crustless pumpkin pie, I'll have to try that. My kids don't care for the crust.
    Love the quote about sitting on the pumpkin instead of a velvet pillow, cute!
    That trail is absolutely beautiful with all the color!
    That October teacup is quite popular, several have featured it this past week and I did too! It is the only month cup I have
    Such a lovely post and tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month.
    Take care,

  10. Pink . . . pumpkin pie . . . fall foliage - all lovely.

  11. I saw a Christmas commercial on TV tonight! Yikes! We haven't even had our Thanksgiving yet. You Canadians are smart to do yours a little earlier. So glad you didn't lose power in the middle of cooking your dinner!
    Love your pink theme here, including the pretty pink pumpkin. I love my RA October teacup, too.
    So pretty. Your tea and pumpkin pie look delicious.
    And that trail . . . gorgeous! Must be lovely to walk there. Have a good week Sandi. Love, Deborah

  12. Hello Sandi,
    This is a lovely post, full of pretty things. The crustless pumpkin pie looks scrumptious, especially paired with tea from a pink teacup.
    Although I'm enjoying autumn very much, I, too, have begun thinking about Christmas and am starting to think about the things I'd like to make. I bought flannel for nightgowns for the two grand girlies today, and some for pajamas for the grand boy. If I do a little bit every day, I can accomplish a fair bit.
    Have a wonderful week, Sandi.

  13. Sandi love your beautiful teacups and quotes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sandi, your teacups are beautiful and the pumpkin pie looks delicious! I love this time of year and enjoy baking too! I hope that you have a happy and blessed week! Happy Fall!!!

  15. Hello Sandi, I haven't been over for a while and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading your blogposts. Hope you have a blessed day! I'll be by more often now. :) Taking tea on the road this morning as I head out to work. I shared a bunch of your photos on Pinterest and Tailwind for you!
    Enjoy your week,
    Barb :)

  16. Beautiful cup and saucer!! Delicious looking pumpkin pie! Happy Autumn Sandi!

  17. Pink is indeed the perfect color...for so many reasons! And such a change from the fall colors predominating at the moment. Good thing you had your new roof! Love your pretty China, and the pumpkin pie looks wonderful. A lovely post a and tribute. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  18. Hi Sandi,
    I also shared my October Cosmos teacup this week. Yours looks beautiful with the other pinks. Pink is also my favourite colour so fall tones are a challenge for me to choose. So glad you got a new roof but they are costly. Blessings, Karen

  19. Hi Sandi, I love that photo of the trail with the beautiful autumn colours. Of course, your teacups are really pretty too. I finally pulled the cosmos out of the garden as the frost had taken most of the blooms but it is nice you can have their pretty bloom on your china cup. Glad you got your roof done before Matthew hit! There was so much damage in some areas and we here in central NB barely got any rain. Have a blessed week. Pam

  20. I am happy that you didn't have adverse effects of the hurricane. Very pretty cups, and I like the cosmos too. I still have one stalk with blooms, very unusual for this late fall date. Your colorful leaves make me envious! The pie, well, what a good idea to omit the crust for less fats. It looks delish!

  21. I have that same October tea cup! So sweet for October birthdays!

  22. OMG, that Cosmos teacup is the pretties I've ever seen! The path looks beautiful with the fall color and the leaves on the ground. Glad you are safe from the hurricane too. Our leaves are just starting to turn and love how they are beginning to look.

  23. Hi Sandi, I would love to join you for tea and delicious pumpkin pie. Then we could take a walk on that stunning trail. The fall colors are just amazing on the trees (and the ground).
    Take care

  24. Beautiful post, Sandi, full of many lovely things both pink and autumnal. Love that trail and we dream of coming back to PEI again.

    For your crustless pumpkin pie, do you just make your regular filling and bake it in a greased pie plate? I often bake quiches that way but I have never tried it with pumpkin pie. What a great idea!

  25. Beautiful your blog!!...I love it!!All your teacups are amazing!!..God Bless You so much!!..

  26. Another beautiful table and post; hope your autumn continues to be wonderful

  27. Sandi, so glad that your roof got finished in time! Also glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving without the loss of power. Cancer awareness is a wonderful cause and I love your pretty Cosmos teacup. I ran in a thrift shop today and came how with pretty pink plates and saucers that were made in Portugal. It was a service for 8, but I only bought 6 because two of the plates were chipped. Gosh, I do not need dishes, but they will be so fun for spring and Easter. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. So thankful that the Matthew storm didn't cause you too much trouble! I just loved the idea of a crustless pumpkin pie. My family doesn't really care for pie crust, and that would eliminate a big step in the process! Your tea setting is always delightful! And that Confederation Trail, is just gorgeous! Oh how I would love to walk it again! Hugs to you today :)

  29. Sandie, I love your pink theme table. Breast cancer awareness is very important. I should use my pink Sadler teapot to put together a pink tablescape. Thanks for the inspiration. Sylvia D.

  30. Sandi, I wish we could meander down that pretty trail and then have a cup of tea and some pie, chatting like old friends and enjoying some quiet time together. Glad you were not affected by Matthew and that you got your roof done before it hit. Warm hugs to my blogging buddy, Pat at Bringing French Country Home

  31. Just love all the pink, one of my favorite colors. But I did not know the official word that it brings peace and soothing to a room. I was smiling as I made up the beds for my nephews who arrive for an overnight, as the sheets I have are pink. Maybe they will sleep well!

  32. I lo e the October tea cup... I have it as well and the colors are lovely.. Love all your Pinks Sandi... I know several ladies who have been fighting cancer along with my grandmother as well.. It is important to support them. Id love some pie and tea, thank you... Lovely post and I hope your ceeling well. Happy weekend with love Janice

  33. Hi Sandi, what a lovely post honoring breast cancer awareness month! You may remember breast cancer took my precious daughter. It will be 3 years soon. I am still grieving daily for her. Just so hard! It is so good to see your beautiful tea times. They are always so uplifting!
    May God grant many blessings to you, as you have blessed me with your sweet blog.

  34. Hello, I've visited your blog for the first time. I love your tea cups and the beautiful pictures.
    All the best from The Netherlands,

  35. Sandi,
    What a lovely post!! Beautiful photos....
    I hope you are feeling better ad enjoying your break... Thanks so much for stopping by!

  36. Dear Sandi, this is a lovely pink and pretty post. Your blog is always a sanctuary of peace and loveliness. Mimi xxx

  37. Hi Sandi, first love your quotes and fall picture. I love Fall - there's something so invigorating about it and for me it always means new startups of some adventure.
    Glad you didn't feel the awful effects of Mathew. Hope your week is amazing.

  38. I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is fun to see everyone and all of the food!! Thank you for hosting at Home Sweet Home!


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