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Saturday 20 February 2016

Meet Scarlett!

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~ William Morris

Hello everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

As you all know, I do a lot of cooking and baking here at my house and I have never coveted one of those fancy stand mixers because I honestly didn't think I needed one. I was quite content with the hand mixer I had been using for years and years. 

It's funny, a friend of mine always felt the same way. Until she got her stand mixer for her birthday. She claims it has changed her life!

I have been pondering the purchase of one for about six months. Well, the other day, I treated myself to this. And it was on sale!

Meet Scarlett! She and I are going to be spending a lot of time together. I am usually drawn to white for small appliances but this little red beauty grabbed my attention. She adds a little pizzaz to my kitchen and she takes the stress of holding up a hand mixer away. She's easy on the eyes and my arm! Do you use a hand mixer or a stand mixer?

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  1. In have an all silver one like this and two hand mixer machines . Oh she is pretty you will love her and I think you two will make so many more Yummy things together . I do like her name and she looks great on your kitchen counter . Thanks for sharing , have a good day and lots of fun with Scarlett .

  2. Like you, I resisted the trend for stand mixers. I didn't want something on the counter all the time, and knew that it would be too heavy to move up and down from shelf to counter. Then I was given a Kitchen Aid as a gift....and I have never looked back. I love it and think that I really should have had one years ago. You and Scarlet are, I am sure, going to be very happy sharing a kitchen!

  3. Hi Sandi
    I've had my big old white Kitchen Aid stand mixer for about 30 years and it sits on the counter for easy use. I first saw one when Martha Stewart used it on her original show where her mom and brother would guest and bake/cook things. I was working so treated myself to one like hers with a lever to move the bowl up and down.
    I love mine and know you'll have fun with Scarlet in your kitchen - enjoy!!

  4. Scarlett is a beauty! I've had my white grandmother to Scarlett for 41 years. So...I've always had a stand and a hand mixer. I like the hand mixer for smaller jobs instead of pulling out grandmother!
    Happy Sunday to you from ellen b. ~ at The Happy Wonderer...

  5. That's very nice Sandi! I have the same one but white and it sure comes in handy! Enjoy it!

  6. I used one today Bernideen. But not mine. I am babysitting my daughter's dog while her family is of on a skiing weekend. I made a cake for my son-in-laws birthday. Her's is silver. I thought to myself, it would be nice to have one. Maybe one day. Enjoy yours. It's a lovely color.

  7. Hi Sandi, sorry for the error in the previous comment, I wrote Bernideen and I meant you. xo

  8. I was like you. For many years, I thought I didn't need a stand mixer and a hand one was "good enough". I got some gift cards when we got married, so I decided to treat myself! I got a white one, but I've always wished I'd gotten the red one.

  9. Sandi. you will love your new mixer. Mine is a very important part of my kitchen. Mine is white, but the new colours are so pretty.

  10. I have a white one, and wouldn't trade it for anything. I think it was the best appliance investment I've ever made. I do have to admit I wouldn't mind if it was red or even blue.

  11. I love Scarlett and that would be the one I would pick also. I have a mixer that was my mil's and I use that one, it still works, but is really an antique.


  12. Very nice, Sandi! I look forward to seeing and drooling over Scarlett's tasty creations!

  13. I like you, always thought my hand mixer is all I need,it is red! I am beginning to think I may just have to have a stand one also !

  14. You will love it. I got one back in 1196? and can't live with out it now. I don't even know where my hand mixer is
    Love the red I got cobalt blue to match my dishes etc

  15. I got one from my mother in law about 7 years ago. At first I was thinking, hmmmmm when will I ever use this. And look at me now - I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  16. You will surely enjoy your mixer, Sandi. I have the same one in orange and I have had it for more than 10 years and still love it.....Christine

  17. Oh Sandi, Scarlet is a beauty! I bought my first KA mixer probably 38 years ago, and gave it to my youngest DIL a few years ago. I wanted a little larger one, since I make bread, and bought a black one. You are going to love it!

  18. Hi Sandi! I love red in the kitchen. Did you know you can have all sorts of fun dressing up Scarlett?
    Check out these etsy links:

  19. I do have a stand mixer but it takes so much room on my counter I usually just grab the hand mixer. I don't do enough I suppose to need the big one much. BUT yours is a BEAUTY. Enjoy her!

  20. Oh you will have so much fun! I've had mine (white) since about 1980 when it was a gift from my mother. She wanted to get me a microwave but I got her to switch to the Kitchenaid. Did you know that the first models of this particular mixer were made starting in the 1930s and were sold door to door by women - mainly because of the price - stores wouldn't carry them because they didn't think they would sell. The original price in the 30s was 189.00 and that is equivalent to 2000.00 today.

    Recently I bought a red one from a very reliable friend - for just 80.00 - I figured it was good to have a back up - just in case - but my 1980s model is still chugging along - I make all of our bread with it, plus desserts so you know it is getting a workout. Just wait until you try the bread hook - no more kneading - it does it all for you in 90 seconds (once the dough is mixed up and ready to knead). Enjoy - I know you will.

  21. Congrats!! I bought a different but similar brand that has the same speed and watts as yours does and I used it for Christmas baking this past season and loved it!!
    Thanks so much for your visits!!


  22. Oh sweet! You will love that thing. I love mine it has been going strong 25 years! I can't imagine how many birthday cakes I have made with it! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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