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Monday, 24 August 2015

A Little Tour of Western PEI for Tea Time

I am Summer, come to lure you away from your computer... come dance on my fresh grass, dig your toes into my beaches. ~ Oriana Green

Hello sweet friends and welcome to Tea Time

August is quickly winding down and alas, so is the summertime. I am finding it really hard to blog this time of year. How about you?

Hubby and I have crammed a lot of activities into the last eight weeks. We visited family in New Brunswick, had both our sons who live off Island come home for a visit, one in June and the other in August, and we relaxed a lot at the sea shore. 

We watched the sail boats down at the waterfront while enjoying our coffee in the evenings. 

We toured the western part of the Island which we have never done before. Western PEI is home to many tourist attractions.

In Mill River we stopped at a store called Simply 
Primitive where they carry all sorts of wonderful things. I have had my eye on this swan for a while and finally brought her home with me. 

She sits on my mantel and she looks good there for now. It's very difficult to take a picture without getting one's reflection in it when there is a mirror involved. 

You see the brown jug holding the ivy? 

That was my beloved Granny's jug which she mixed pancakes in. Her tradition was home baked beans and pancakes for supper every Saturday night. I consider it a wonderful treasure. Thanks to my sweet Auntie P for passing it on to me.

What we remember from childhood, we remember forever. ~ Cynthia Ozick

I also found a pretty teacup at the store which I will share later in this post. 

We saw the wind farm at West Cape which is the largest on the Island. I'm not sure how many wind turbines there are. One guy at Maritime Electric said there are more than fifty and less than one hundred, stretching for miles.

These help generate and store power on the Island for our electric company. We get a lot of wind here so these turbines certainly do their job.

As we were driving along, we saw a farmer in his field with the combine. The combine was bright red which is why I took a picture. Behind this is the St. Lawrence River. In the foreground is Queen Anne's Lace. I thought all the different elements made for an interesting picture although the red of the combine is hard to make out. 

Next, we visited West Point which is home to the second tallest light house on the Island. It was built in 1875. I find the square shape and stripes quite attractive and unique for a light house here on PEI. 

At one time this light house was called home for some and today it is an historic site. It is the only functioning light house with an inn located in Canada. It also houses a museum. 

This is a glimpse of the beach at West Point and the tourists were loving it. To the right of this is the light house. It was very hot the day I took these pictures, about 30 degrees Celsius with a humidex close to 40. I quickly snapped photos and got back into our air-conditioned car.

Now, how about a cup of tea? As I mentioned earlier, I found this teacup at Simply Primitive and it is made by Johnson Bros which is a favourite maker. 

The pattern is called Tulip Time

This would have fit right into the Dutch Tea I posted a few weeks ago. Isn't this a pretty saucer with its fluted edge?

Today's tea is one I received from a blogger friend. It is Wedgwood Original; a blend of the finest teas from India and Kenya. I am having my tea with a slice of lovely cranberry-orange and walnut tea bread; delicious!

I thought my JB Devon Cottage teapot would go well with the teacup. Would you like to join me?

It's always tea-time. ~ Lewis Carroll

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed a wee glimpse of our Island. And if you have something tea or coffee related, please link up. We tea ladies love seeing your teacup and teapot collections. A trip to a Tea Shop or a new tea time recipe is always appreciated too. 

Have a beautiful day and God bless you.  

HOME the place where our stomachs get three square meals a day and our hearts a thousand. ~ Charles M. Crowe

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi. Thanks for the heads up about forgetting the linky...sinus headache from wildfire smoke, so forgot! Your photos are wonderful. You live in such a beautiful area! Love your new Johnson Brothers set...goes so well with your other pieces. LOVE your swan! I had a large one when we lived at a lake, but too large for our new smaller place so I had to let it go. LOVE yours! Thanks so much for hosting, and for your comment about the linky!

  2. Prince Edward Island is on my 'bucket list'. Your tour photos are just lovely! I have the same blue and white Johnson Bros.Tulip Time teacup which I purchased when I visited Holland, MI last year. Your's goes beautifully with your teapot.

  3. I so enjoyed my tour along with you and your sweetheart' of PEI! You certainly live in a beautiful area, my friend. I always love joining you for tea and I love your new swan and your Tulip Time teacup. Yes, it looks perfect with your teapot. I love the mixing of the two patterns. JB teacups are always a treat to see and admire. Thank you for hosting, Sandi, and before I leave, I'd love a slice of the cranberry orange bread with my cup of tea!

  4. Hi Sandi,
    I smiled when I saw that you and your hubby had just toured the western end of the Island as my hubby and I did as well last week.....great minds do think alike! We toured the north side this time but last year did the full loop. The Island is so pretty no matter where you go!
    I love your tea cup and actually have one very similar!!!

    Enjoy these last days of summer and thank you for hosting.

  5. Hi Sandi,

    I've always wanted to visit PEI so I love living vicariously through your Island tours. I also love your mirror, Tulip Time teacup, and the cool black and white lighthouse. Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of the week!

  6. Love that black and white lighthouse. When we were in PEI in June, we visited East Point, but not the West. Next time. Lovely blue teacup and teapot.

  7. I enjoyed your photo tour of the island, Sandi. What a beautiful place it is! We have a lot of wind turbines in Iowa too. Love your new teacup! It looks great with your pretty blue and white teapot!
    Blessings, Beth

  8. Love the blue tea cup and teapot! I want to thank you for your kind words, they are so appreciated. Sending hugs your way, Martha

  9. Sandi I enjoyed the tour of the western part of the island. I've heard of these large wind farms there. The lighthouse is a beauty! I can't believe summer is almost over already. I'm feeling the slump in my mood as the days get shorter. We've certainly had a beautiful August though. Have a blessed week Sandi.

  10. Hi Sandi,
    Your pics of Prince Edward Island are very beautiful. How I would love to visit there. Your blue and white Johnson Brother's teapot is so lovely as is your new teacup. What a treasure your granny's pitcher is. Thank you for hosting Tea Time. Take care, Karen.

  11. Good Evening! I love that you are displaying your Granny's special jug! That is so special to me! Love your other pics of the time you had with your husband! Lovely! Thanks once again for hosting this sweet tea party! Lynn

  12. Sounds like a wonderful summer ! I enjoyed your island! Love you the teacup!

  13. Blessings, Sandi! What a treat for me to post a teatime story this week and link in with "my tea ladies"! I do miss posting teas on a regular basis, but my writing is moving swiftly in so many new directions, I have only recently gotten back to weekly posting! My tea posts will be my treat to me--and hopefully you, too! That beach water of yours looks scrumptious! We haven't been to the Jersey shore beach here this season. So crammed with tourists--the locals stay put. At least, the inland locals who don't want to turn a 45 minute drive into a 2 hour drive. We'll wait til early fall. Now, about your teacup--LOVE the landscapes and Johnson Bros. does it best! I'd have taken your swan home, too--and I do love those family pieces that stir happy childhood memories.
    Blessings of the season to you, milady!

  14. I love your photos Sandi. What a gorgeous and peaceful place you live in. I have relaxed just by looking a those breath taking views. How wonderful that you and hubby got to spend some time relaxing and taking in that amazing ocean air.

    Enjoy the rest of summer and thank you for hosting such a lovely party.


  15. Oh my, all your pictures are beautiful today!!! Love the blue and white cup.... Reading about beans and pancakes was very different tradition! My family ate dill pickles and pancakes and I have never heard of that one anywhere else either!

  16. Always nice to see parts of your province we didn't get to on our visit. I love the red sand and rocks you have - of course there are a few in my garden that made the trip back. ;-)
    You can't beat blue and white for a pretty and dainty teacup, Tulip Time is sweet and of course goes well with the teapot.
    I'm off to put the kettle on for my afternoon tea, only made it to 63F today so it's really starting to feel like fall already.

  17. Hi Sandi, your photos are great, looks like a nice day when you came to visit. Those lighthouses and windmills are pretty eh? (Although I heard that the windmills kill the birds, ouch) The tea cup is also very pretty. I have a modern mug to share today, :D I hope you are having a great day!

  18. Sandi PEI is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing it. I really like that pattern by JB. I haven't seen it before. Thanks for hosting! Yes, it is hard to blog in the summer!

  19. Thank you so very much for the lovely tour of PEI, I have finally talked hubby into going in a few weeks and now I'm even more excited.

  20. I was visiting the Share Your Cup Thursday party at Jann's blog and saw your link. Your new swan is so pretty and I can imagine how thrilled you are to have received your Granny's jug. I believe things such as the jug are wonderful treasures. I love lighthouses and your pictures are beautiful!

  21. Such a lovely post. I knew when I saw the Rose Chintz pattern I would like it here! I shall try and join in next Tuesday:-)

  22. Sandi, I am so glad that your sons got to come visit! I really enjoyed seeing more of your beautiful island. I hope to make it there in person one day. Love the swan. I found one similar at a thrift shop and I love it! Also love your pretty teacup and teapot! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. I loved your pictures. What a beautiful Island.
    Best regards from Holland!

  24. Hi Sandi,
    I always enjoy your posts of the island. You know I'm a major fan of Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea. The seashore is just wonderful and so is that lighthouse! Your swan is quite lovely and your jug is a treasure I know. I do like baked beans and pancakes but I must say that I don't think I would like the two together for one meal, but I'm glad it is a sweet memory for you. :)
    Have a great week,


I am delighted to have you visit me and I read every comment. Please forgive me for not being able to visit you all as there are so many of you lovely bloggy friends now. I will visit as much as possible. I wish you a day filled with JOY! ~ Sandi