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Monday, 7 July 2014

Fairies and Lupins for Tea Time

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary journey." ~ Catherine Douzel

Hello and welcome to Tea Time, friends! Today I am having a Fairies and Lupins Tea.

Lupins are abundant along the sides of the roads and in the fields this time of year on the Island. This photo is borrowed from the Internet and it shows the vibrant colours of the flowers and the red soil as well as the water beyond. Isn't it beautiful! The lupins seem to be more prevalent this year which makes taking a drive really lovely.

July is such a beautiful month, minus Hurricane Arthur that is. Lush green grass is nature's carpet beneath one's feet and the trees are full of leaves with bird nests safely hidden from view among their branches. The gardens are dressed in all their splendour, their fragrance scenting the air with a variety of perfumes; a haven for fairies! And the fire flies are putting on a show at nightfall as they dance along the tree line in our backyard. It truly is a magical time of year! I wish I could bottle it all up in a jar and take it out during the cold winter months.

Today, a vase filled with lupins is the centerpiece for my table. Hubby was kind enough to wade through the long grass and the ditch to pick these for me.

"Blessed be the Lord for the beauty of summer and spring, for the air, the water, the verdure, and the song of birds."  Carl von Linnaeus

The teapot is adorned with one of Cecily Mary Baker's fairies, the Lavender fairy.

Isn't she sweet?

The teacups are made by Grace china and are covered with sweet violets.

Would you like some shortbread with your tea? The pink depression glass plate I found at an antique shop in Summerside a couple of years ago.

A cup of tea and shortbread are just right for a little tea break right now. I have been very busy lately and next week I will tell you why. I am pretty excited! But right now, I will enjoy some tea and a cookie with you.

Now, are you ready to find out who the winner of my Giveaway is? Let the teacups clink!

This beautiful antique Royal Albert Petit Point teacup and vintage fingertip towel will be going to ~

Congratulations, Sherry @ The Charm of Home! Please email me your mailing address and I will get this into the mail for you. Thank you to everyone who entered.

I am delighted you have stopped by for tea today! Do you have a favourite teacup/teapot, coffee cup/coffee pot, or tablescape that you would like to share with us today? I would love to see it and I'm sure others would too! A trip to a Tea Shop is always fun and if you have discovered a new tea we'd love to hear about that too.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi. I LOVE your Lupines! They are so gorgeous! And love your china...violets are always perfect! Thought about you with Arthur, and hope it wasn't too bad. Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

  2. The lupines must love your soil for they refuse to grow in my garden. I remember the sight of them the summer we drove out to PEI and they were glorious.
    Very, very nice lavender fairy teapot and I'd be right over to join you for tea and a shortbread if I could.

  3. I love lupins. When we lived in Maine we had them all along the road sides and up in our fields in one area as well. And saw them along the road ways in New Brunswick as well. They don't want to come down to Pennsylvania for some reason.
    As a fan of Monty Python I always think of the episode where they guy asked for "your lupin of your life." If you haven't seen it you probably won't understand but it gives me a BIG chuckle.

  4. What a sweet hubby of yours, Sandi, to collect those lupines for your pretty table. They look beautiful with your fairy teapot and your teacups with violets. The shortbread look wonderful for tea time today.
    Congratulations to Sherry on winning the gorgeous teacup!! Thank you for hosting and enjoy your week! xo

  5. Hi Sandi,
    Your Lavender Fairy teapot is so lovely with the lavender teacups. Your pink depression glass plate is very beautiful and those shortbread cookies look delicious! Oh my, the lupines are amazing! Gorgeous colours! Visiting you is always such a delight! Congratulations to Sherry! Thank you for hosting Tea Time today! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  6. OMG dear Sandi...all your purple dishes for tea are to die for!
    Love the wreath, and the Lupines arelovely too. I hope all turned out well with Arthur, my friend.
    Wish I could join you and go through the computer!
    Have a lovely and peaceful week.

  7. Sandi .. great photos!!! especially loving your fairy teapot!! thank you for hosting !!! hugs, Celia M.

  8. hose flowers are just gorgeous, Sandi. I love the mix of colors. And the teapot looks fabulous! Love it....Christine

  9. Oh, how nice the lupines are on your island! I didn't know they bloomed like that there. I am sure that island is full of all kinds of magic. Thank you very much for the Royal Albert teacup and the tea towel. I love Royal Albert and will be tickled to death to receive this! Thank you!

  10. Sandi, those lupines are gorgeous! I can't believe they just grow wild on the side of the road, ready for picking. That first picture of the Island is beautiful. Love your fairy teapot; I love those fairy drawings of hers. The shortbread looks delicious. Congrats to Sherry, too.

  11. Your home is so beautiful! Do the Lupines grow wild there?! Wow! Your tea is lovely with the pretty (and unique!) fairy teapot and the violet teacups and saucers. The pink depression glass plate is such a pretty piece to mix in, and the shortbread looks delicious. Thanks for hosting :)

  12. Hi Sandi,
    Love your fairy teapot and the pretty teacups too.
    Lovely photo of our fair Isle with the lupins near the shore. They were especially pretty this year!
    We had quite a weekend with Arthur~ hope we don't get anymore this year.
    Thank you for hosting,

  13. How lovely! Miss Rumphius would adore this. Miss Rumphius was a lady who planted Lupine Seeds, and has her own children's book with her name as the title.

  14. What a beautiful job you did of pulling in the colors of the lupins with your teawares! Simply lovely!

  15. Beautiful pictures and beautiful flowers and table settings.... So nice. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  16. Hello Sandi! I'm here via Martha's Favorites. I LOVE the teapot. It is SO unique. Also love the tea cups. AND the lupines...Let's see, it appears as if I love everything on your blog post! :)
    The lupines remind me of snap dragons...or maybe that's another name for them? I'm not a flower aficionado!

  17. Well I am laughing as I see your tea is about Fairies and I did the same. I never looked till now as I was linking up. Your photos of the PEI lupines are stunning! I am lovely your teapot which appears to have the Cicely Barker artwork on it. She was Christian by the way and never intended her fairies to have "ethereal" powers. Some others have done that. Lovely posting Sandi

  18. Hi Sandi. I've just found you almost by accident and I'm so pleased I did. Your blog is just a feast for the eyes. Thankyou for the lovely linky party

  19. Ahh the lupins! A fav memory of driving to the shore on red country roads lined with masses of colourful lupins... a bouquet anywhere would be a joy!
    sweet shortbread and lovely violet china & the fairy teapot is a darling .. thanks for sharing all the treats!

    and congrats to Sherry ~ EnJoy!!

  20. Your tea cups are amazing. Congratulation to Sherry!
    I have never been able to grown lupines. Just stunning. Have a great day! Hugs, Martha

  21. The Lupins are so beautiful, Sandi. I see them here but not in such abundance. Love your tea setting today and the shortbread look really tempting. Deb

  22. The flowers are gorgeous. Love those colors. Sandi, I thought of you when the tail end of Arthur hit. Praying you guys are okay, and no real damage to your place. Hugs.

  23. Hi Sandi. Your tea set is just beautiful as are the lupines. My fairies are jealous of your fairies. To see the fireflies along the edge of the woods, in real life, must be quite a sight to see..Happy Friday..Judy

  24. Blessings, Sandi! Just love the lupines - I've seen a lot down our way too and have considered getting some for our yard. I made a little fairy garden in my deck bin - though I've yet to be able to post about it. I won't be able to post a teatime til August as I'm swamped with prep work for the writer's conference I'm going to at the end of the month. Just taking a tea break to catch up with my tea ladies - a guilty pleasure when I've so much work to do. I'm inspired with your lupines - perhaps I shall have some by August.

  25. Love the lupines and the lavender fairie is so sweet! I can imagine her fluttering among my lavender with the dragonflies. What a lovely spot to call home progress does not seem to have destroyed it's charm.

  26. Two of my favorites Sandi, Lupines and shortbread cookies. My mom made them often growing up and I love the buttery flavor! How fabulous to have Lupines growing wild! Congrats to Sherry. She will love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. Hi Sandi, just hopping by to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.


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