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Monday 17 February 2014

Feeling Blue for Tea Time Tuesday

Flowers were the language of happiness and always the gifts we gave to others. They seemed as necessary as food. ~ Elizabeth Cerutti

Welcome to Tea Time, my lovely friends! Did you all enjoy your weekend?

Today, I'm feeling blue.....Blue as in blue and white china!

Do you like my soup tureen?

I've been wanting one for years and Hubby found  this one for Christmas. There is no mark on it but isn't it wonderful!

It is fabulous for holding my homemade soups, chili, stew, or a beautiful bouquet of posies!

Yellow roses, white tulips, and a few white roses from last week's bouquet fill this tureen up nicely.

Is there anything prettier in the dead of winter than blue and white enhanced by a sunny bouquet?

Naturally I brought out my JB Old Britain Castles teacups to compliment the tureen.

This 2011 Victoria magazine looks pretty in the vignette.

Yellow roses are like a burst of sunshine!

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

I am serving Victorian Garden tea in my little glass teapot which comes with its own infuser. I have had this for a few years but haven't shared it until now.

Victorian Garden is a Ceylon black tea with all kinds of lovely things in it like China green gunpowder, vanilla, and rose and lavender flowers.

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world revolves- slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. ~ Thich Nat Hahn

Tea is ready, how about a little nosh with your cuppa?

Home made Chocolate Pudding with a dollop of whipped cream and some grated chocolate. Mmm! I will share my recipe later in the week.

The plates are Blue Willow by Churchill.

My little creamer has no mark. I paid a dollar for it at an antique shop several years ago. 

Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty. ~ James Norwood Pratt

I would like to thank Kathy at A Delightsome Life for featuring my Hearts and Flowers Tea at her party "A Return to Loveliness" this week. I am truly honoured!

As always, it is a pleasure to have you come for tea. It's even nicer when you share something too. Do you have a lovely teacup or coffee mug, teapot, or tablescape you would like to share? I enjoy visiting a tea room too. Simply link up with me and I'll come visit you. 

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. ~ Proverbs 11:25

Wishing you JOY today!

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. No matter what I claim to be a favorite... blue and white will really always be at the top of my list. I use it every day. And YELLOW goes with it so well!!!

  2. Yesterday I just posted and it was tea related.That seems to happen too often to Me.I love Your "teascape" today.I do have a thing about creamers,I don't know exactly why. Maybe though I can do a tea post someday with each creamer highlighted.Love Your sweet creamer:) Denise

  3. Morning Sandi,

    I agree with Beth; I love blue and white, and yours is super lovely. Thanks for sharing; I've missed you.

    Your photo came out fine. Sometimes when more than one is linking in at the same time, it all gets sluggish.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Oh Sandi, I love your new soup tureen....Hubby knows just what you like! Have a wonderful week...hugs, Penny

  5. Blue and white are always a favorite of mine and at this time of the year it just really it really seems to pop. Your tureen is wonderful! Thank you for hosting!

  6. Your blue and white transferware is beautiful, Sandi. Loved seeing it!

  7. Blue and white transferware holds such a dear spot in my heart... yet I own none. As a child growing up, my grandmother's very day dishes was blue willow. After she passed away, I could not bear to see it. Now I want a set so badly.
    Must remedy that soon.
    Yours is just beautiful!

  8. Well you know I love this and white! Always my fav! Love your tureen and the flowers are lovely! Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Dear Sandi,
    your blue and white tureen is a highlight for tha table. Great find. And with the sunny bouquet and the transferware cups it looks so pretty. Thats masterfully combined and matches perfect. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous setting and for hosting this sweet event. I hope, you feel better?
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. Blue and white will always be my "first love" and I use it everyday. Your soup tureen is absolutely gorgeous and with that pop of yellow just says "SPRING".

  11. That soup tureen is beautiful and looks gorgeous with the flowers in it. And I always enjoy the quotes you include in your posts. Thanks for hosting Sandi!

  12. Joy to you, too, dearest Sandi! There's nothing quite like pretty blue and white accented with the bright yellow. This certainly would cheer anyone up, including me!
    I hope you're feeling much better, sweet friend. xo

  13. All so very pretty ! Nothing like a little sweet treat with a cuppa tea . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  14. No need of Victoria magazine (albeit I am a subscriber!) when you have such a lovely post!
    Mum had the same china when I was little and what a delightful posy displayed!
    Ready for Spring of course but enjoying the daydreaming.
    Thank you for sharing,

  15. I'm happy to hear it was only blue and white china giving you the blues Sandi. I hope you've recuperated from being ill and I'm sure you're counting the days to spring.
    The soup tureen is lovely, I'm still trying to decide if i need one.
    The flowers are cheerful and are making the amount of snow you have more bearable I hope.
    Thanks for hosting.

  16. Thanks for hosting Sandi .... loving your blue and white table setting and the punch of yellow is perfect. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  17. Hello Sandi
    Oh your blue and white china is beautiful - it never dates does it.
    I especially love your soup tureen, what a thoughtful gift from your love!
    A gorgeous tea time post and I love your quotes!

    I'm joining you today - thank you Sandi for hosting such a friendly party.

  18. Hello Sandi, what a sweet find! LOVE blue and white, with the addition of yellow - just gorgeous! beautiful tea - I do appreciate you hosting and sharing,

  19. What a lovely blog! I literally just stumbled across it while browsing I'm a mom of three little boys. We have a "Poetry Teatime" every day, and while our table setting is not nearly as beautiful as yours, we do get out our best tablecloth and dishes and do our best with what we have. The ritual always seems to calm them, no matter what kind of morning we've had. We always read poetry and storybooks together. They never let me miss a day.

  20. What a wonderful husband you have! that soup tureen is simply gorgeous and it compliments those Old Britain tea cups so beautifully:)I am so partial to blue and white's a weakness of mine:) Thanks for hosting! Have a good week! hugs, Poppy

  21. Oh, Sandi! That soup tureen is just lovely! I like how you styled it with flowers.

  22. Hi Sandi,
    I love your blue and white for tea today! So very pretty and your pudding looks delicious! Thank you for hosting Tea Time Tuesday! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  23. I used to have a subscription to Victoria - I'd forgotten! Beautiful magazine, beautiful blues! You have the most amazing collection of beauty!!

  24. Those blue and white dishes . . . the gorgeous yellow of the roses . . . it makes me want to plan a tea party.

  25. Good morning Sandi,
    Blue and white and yellow~~always a beautiful combination. Thank you for wishing us JOY and I wish it for you too! Ruthie

  26. Hello Sandi,
    Your blue and yellow tea time today is so lovely! Blue and yellow always looks so gorgeous together and so cheery. Your floral arrangement is stunning too!
    I hope you are having a good week.

  27. I love this!!! This has to be one of my favorite posts yet!!! I do love your soup tureen. And it matches so perfectly!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!

  28. Such lovely inspiration here. Beautiful blue and white theme and yes, i love your tureen. Beautiful spring flowers. I’m beginning to see daffodils so I know spring is on it’s way.........

  29. Sandi,

    What cheeriness and charm for your Teatime Tuesday, today! Such a burst of happy yellows and creamy whites beautifully complementing your pretty blue and white china!

    Thanks so much for the lovely inspiration.

    Have a wonderful week!


  30. Hi Sandi,
    It seems a few of us have been feeling blue lately!
    I have the same soup tureen and teacups ~ seems we like a lot of the same things.
    Thank you for hosting,
    p.s More snow tomorrow????

  31. Your post is beautiful. Love the blue and white combination. It is so classic and refreshing. The tureen is very lovely.

  32. Your blue and White dishes are always soo gorgeous, I love them! Beautiful terascape sweet Sandi! Thank you so much for hosting this lovely party. Have a great week.

  33. That all looks so fresh and spring-like Sandi, I love it. Blue and white china is something I haven't really started collecting in earnest, although I do have some pieces. More to the point, I have my grandmother's Czech blue onion pieces. Maybe I should start with those, but don't you find that all blue and white goes with any other blue and white? I do. Hope you have a lovely week and spring comes to find you very soon.

  34. I'm so happy to be able to link today! Your blue and white theme is beautiful - my favourite combination.

  35. What an absolutely gorgeous post, Sandi. I love your blue and white pieces!

    Thank you for hosting. Sorry I am late. Hubs caught the flu and I got behind on the fun stuff.

    Hugs and blessings for you!

  36. Sandi, the yellow roses are absolutely gorgeous in the blue and white! I love your new tureen! The Victoria magazine looks as though it was snapped at your home. I ran across 4 blue willow plates at a thrift the other day. They were all chipped so I decided to pass. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  37. Definitely beautiful! The pudding and tea look so good! The soup tureen is beautiful- love the design on it.
    Kudos to hubby for finding that for you!

  38. Beautiful photos! The yellow looks so pretty with the blue and white.


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