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Monday 16 September 2013

Tea Time Tuesday

"Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple..." ~ JK Rowling

Hello dear friends and welcome to my last Tea Time of Summer 2013.

Today's tea is brought to you in shades of blue and yellow. A jug of gorgeous sunflowers lends a bright spot of colour to my blue and white table today.

A field full of sunflowers is a sight to see, isn't it? Their bright heads always turn to face the sun.  

The teacup below as well as the teapot and creamer are called Botanic Blue made by Port Meirion.

Some of the flowers on the tea set appear to be sunflowers. We will pretend they are!

Seeds from sunflowers are very benefical to one's health as we all know. I always fill our feeders with sunflower seeds as the songbirds seem to prefer them. And I am happy to oblige them!

Blue and yellow are such complimentary colours and they make a pretty tea table as we say Good-bye to Summer for another year.

 The teacup above is Royal Homes of Britain made by Enoch Wedgwood of England.

It's a Cream Tea today.

Flaky tea biscuits are fresh out of the oven, homemade strawberry preserves, and clotted cream, or in this case, whipped cream, make for a wonderful tea time.

So please make yourself at home and enjoy a tea break!

For your interest~ I'm sure most of you know that there are two ways to have a Cream Tea.
Devonshire cream is not made here in Canada so we make do with clotted cream or plain whipped cream.
The Devonshire tea is applying your clotted cream first, followed by the jam.
The Cornish tea is applying the jam first, then the cream. As you can see by my photo I have used the Devonshire way of doing it. This eliminates the need for butter, so less calories.

I hope you all had a wonderful Summer and are gearing up for Autumn. Join me next week as I share a new teacup.

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven-
A time to plant, and a time to uproot what is planted." ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Thanks for hosting another great party! Have a blessed week...hugs, Penny

  2. Beautiful blue and White dishes and I love the yellow sunflowers with it. Thank you for hosting yet, another great tea party Sandy.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Dear Sandi,
    Another lovely tea! Looks inviting. Yellow and blue are always a great pair.
    xo Ruthie

  4. Oh boy, that's my favorite. Tea-biscuits and tea are the perfect match. I love the colours today. Have a nice day, Sandi. Deb

  5. I enjoyed your cream tea very much, Sandi! The tea biscuits look great! Your blue and white tea set and teacups are so very pretty. Love the sunflowers too. You always kmow how to do tea up right!!!

  6. Oh Sandi, how I would love one of your biscuits, Devonshire style! Your sunflowers are gorgeous with your pretty blue and white dishes. Thank you for hosting, sweet friend. xo

  7. Sandi,
    Love your blue and whites!! I finally was able to do a tea post!! I am so busy getting the house ready for the new floors.....

    Thanks so much for always visiting and for hosting!!


  8. Summer went way too fast this year! It is sad to see it go. Thank you for hosting and for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  9. Love the teapot Sandi! Thank you for sharing the last of 2013 summer teas. I think someone is stealing weeks from us during the summer because it just flew by! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Hi Sandi,
    It is hard to believe how fast summer slipped by.
    I love your pretty teaset and the biscuits and jam look good too.
    Thank you for hosting,

  11. The blue and white tea set is dainty and the teapot perfect for two people. A cream tea is my favourite for the afternoon but I'm afraid I'm a Cornish tea kind of gal.
    It will be autumn for our next gathering, where did the time go?

  12. Very pretty . For me tea time is all the time no matter what the season lol ! Thanks for hosting . Have a good day !

  13. I love your blue and white tea set. Your tea party are always very romantic

  14. Amazing how time has flown. Your tea is perfect for the end of summer. I am delighted to join your party - I appreciate you hosting and sharing,

  15. This is so interesting to me on the types of Tea and the proper order on how to apply the cream and the jam to the biscuit!
    Love your sunflowers too-
    I linked up a little post on my Mother in Laws teas set-
    Warm Hugs,

  16. Your cream tea is lovely today, Sandi, thank you so much.

    Thank you for hosting each week - a truly wonderful favorite linky party.

    Big hugs!

  17. Have a wonderful tea time with this cream tea. i love your Portmerion pattern Botanic Blue china. Your sunflowers give a lovely early fall centerpiece. I am so glad you host this party each week for it another think ro enjoy. Have a great week!


  18. The teapot set is really pretty, love the colors. And those tea biscuits are delicious....Christine

  19. I loveyour blue and white tea wares. But then you know I adore blue and white. And I also adore a cream tea! I learned the Devonshire way -- cream then jam. And scones would be round -- no triangles!

  20. Hi Sandi,
    What a lovely tea for all of us! I love to see sun flowers and yours sets off your pretty tea set so beautifully! I would enjoy your tea biscuits with your devonshire cream and jam! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful, blessed week!

  21. The blue tea things are fabulous - and the biscuits look delicious. I love sunflowers this time of the year.

  22. ooooh lovely! Blue and white with golden sunflowers look so amazing! You have set a lovely place to have tea.
    Thank you so much for sharing about the creams too, and for hosting : )

  23. Hi Sandi,
    Your teapot and teacups look lovely with the sunflowers today. I just love blue and yellow together. Your treats look so yummy too. Thank you for hosting today. (I had a typing mistake on the spelling of enchanting ~ oops).
    Have a wonderful week! Take care,

  24. Thanks for the tea and biscuits. When I saw your cream and jam I knew what was coming next. It is interesting to hear the difference between the Devonshire and the Cornish. When my mom and I go to tea she always tells me I'm doing it backwards. I do mine the Devonshire and she does the Cornish.

  25. Dear Sandi,
    It's true that summer is slipping by, but being back to this lovely routine of Tea Time posts is so nice!
    I loved your Port Meirion china, very elegant in a relaxing blue and beautiful motifs. And then, to add colour, the bright yellow sun flowers! Gorgeous tea table!
    And what to say of the cream and strawberry jam! I didn't know about Devonshire style or the other but it sure looks delicious!
    Thanks for this delightful tea, a super good return for me :)

  26. Dear Sandi,
    The big sunflowers look as if the catched the whole sun during they grow. I really love the candy scent they have. Your tea table is bright and enchanting.The Portmeiron Set is so sweet. And the treats are mouth watering as always. Thank you for sharing this delightful tea time. And for hosting this sweet event.
    Hugs and greetings, Johanna

  27. Dear Sandi ... it's truly amazing how fast time passes. Where did summer go? the chaos of summer time and life have been happening here at HHL. I am looking forward to sharing tea time in Blogland very soon again... Happy autumn. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  28. Thanks for hosting -i'm new this week. Don't have many teacup posts, but did this week so I thought I'd join the party! Jennifer

  29. The sunflowers are lovely. I'm wondering whether tea biscuits are the same as scones? That's what we'd have with jam and cream in the UK, it all looks delicious anyway:)

  30. Hola Sandi

    Preciosas tus tazas de té, maravillosas como siempre. Me encanta como lo preparas todo, los girasoles y los arreglos florales y también las galletas con la crema, todo perfecto.

    Te felicito por la delicadeza y elegancia de tus entradas.

    Un beso grande desde Argentina.

  31. Hi Sandi: I finally fixed my blog to include your party each week. I can't tell you how much trouble I have had with the link lately. This week however, everything worked good. Love your tea parties, as always stunning. Hope you are well. Blessings, Martha

  32. Blue & yellow, my favorite color combo, and you presented them so beautifully.

    I appreciate you explaining the ways a cream tea is served and I like the whipping cream topped by jam best. I am thinking to try this soon with my grandchildren. Thank-you Sandi for hosting one of my favorite blogging events.

  33. I love seeing your dishes and joining in
    always like a cup of tea


  34. Devonshire style tea appeals to me a lot....the biscuits look scrumptious! Loving the blue and white china...looks so elegant and so perfect for end of summer tea:) Thanks for having us over, Sandi and for hosting a lovely party for us each week! Hugs, Poppy

  35. Hi Sandi...glad it's Friday. My youngest plays the flute and clarinet but wants to learn other instruments. I love her enthusiasm with music. I wish you the most laid back easy weekend. Sounds like you need it after having company. Hugs.

  36. Yes yellow and blue compliment each other nicely. I'm not ready to give up on summer just yet, I believe it is because we didn't get to see much of it. We are taking this week for us and enjoying it from Nova Scotia, tomorrow I hear is going to be a blast from Summer. Seeing your cream and jam has given me a hankering for scones. I took a call from a lady day before last who was so disappointed I wasn't home as she was returning to the Island for tea and scones. Oh well we needed a little get away. I so love sun flowers, thanks


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