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Wednesday 21 August 2013

HOME Again, HOME Again, Jiggety-Jig!

"The Bible does not say very much about homes; it says a great deal about the things that make them. It speaks about life and love and joy and peace and rest. If we get a house and put these into it, we shall have secured a home." ~ John Henry Jowett

Hello dear bloggy friends and welcome to my HOME! As most of you know I have been on a blog break but I'm back this week to host another HOME party. I hope you have all been well and enjoying your summertime.

This week, if you will check out my previous post below this one, you will see that I hosted my Anne of Green Gables Tea Party.

I shared some new found teacups and transferware as well as tea sandwiches and raspberry cordial.

I made chicken salad for the croissants using this method. This is off the top of my noggin; no written recipe.

Chicken Salad
2 cups chopped cooked chicken
1 thick slice red onion, diced
1/4 cup diced red peppers
1/3 cup peeled and cubed English cucumber
Miracle Whip to your liking
A little squirt of barbecue sauce
Black pepper to taste.
Mix altogether and fill split croissants. Delish!

Also this week, I made Hodge Podge for dinner. This time of year when the veggies are fresh from the garden, it is the perfect time to make hodge podge. It is a dish that I was brought up on and here is my recipe should you wish to try it. Once again, I made it from memory the way my mother made it.

Hodge Podge
Peel and cut up a 5 pound bag of new potatoes
3-4 cups fresh yellow beans, snap off ends
2 cups fresh shelled peas {or frozen}

Scrub the veggies and then cut up the potatoes, snap the beans in half. This should fill three-quarters of a dutch oven. Add the peas just before the veggies are tender. This makes a lot of servings.

Cook veggies just until tender but do not over cook. Pour off water and add blend/cream to fill half way. Add 4 heaping spoons of butter and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer until hot.

OPTIONAL: Sometimes I use half green beans and half yellow beans, cauliflowerettes, and a few new carrots, sliced up.

Hubby and I enjoy this even more the second day {if there's any left. He eats a LOT} Serve with biscuits, rolls, or homemade bread.

On a different note ~ I don't normally do this but this has been heavy on my heart this week...

Pls. visit her with a kind comment.

My bloggy friend and yours, Kitty @ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen lost her dear husband, Rich, a few days ago. Please pray for her and her family as they go through this very sad time of loss. Thank you and God bless! 

Since I was away for several weeks I will share the post from my last HOME party which had the most views.

Congratulations to Gina @ Victorian Wanna Be who shared a tour of some fabulous homes in an historic town of Illinois.

If you have a post which is HOME related, please link up and we can all visit you. Thank you for joining me this week and I wish you all a beautiful day!

"Lord, this humble house we'd keep
Sweet with play and calm with sleep.
Help us so that we may give
Beauty to the lives we live.
Let thy love and thy grace
Shine upon our dwelling place." ~ Edgar A. Guest

I am joining the following parties as well~

What's It Wednesday ~
Home and Garden Thursday ~
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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Sandie,
    I hope you enjoyed your blog break!! We missed you!
    Your Anne of Green Gables Tea was such a magnificent post!! Everything was so pretty and I love the blue and white transferware!!
    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  2. Hi Sandi, I am glad you're back and hope you are feeling better. I enjoyed this post as well as your Anne of Green Gables tea. Your mix and match transferware looks great, Sandi. I like the Old Britain Castles in blue. I have some in red but I'm thinking I like yours better. Thanks for letting us know about Kitty. I was not aware.
    Have a blessed day, Beth

  3. Not sure what is prettier...Anne, the dishes, or your food pictures. I DID eat lunch but now I wish I had your chicken sandwich too!

  4. Welcome back, we missed you! Have a blessed day....hugs, Penny

  5. "Little accident" this weekend? It's so hard to rest and still do things you love to do. Praying for you to receive total healing. Until it manifests take comfort in knowing you are still a light to others as you go through.

    Thank you for hosting the Home Party. I always look forward to attending.

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  6. Thank you, Sandi, for hosting and hope you are doing well after your well deserved break. We used to go to a tea shop in Sutter Creek where they served croissants with chicken salad. So good and sounds like your recipe might be a close match. I am certainly going to try it and also, the Hodge Podge sounds quite good also. Thank you for letting us know about Kitty. Sometimes we don't always get around to visit as often as we should, but I am going over there now..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. I am fairly new to your blog but welcome back looking forward to your future posts . . Noggin I use that phrase all time lol must be the Brit in me . Thanks for sharing . My heart and prayers go out to your blogger friend Kitty and family Have a good day !

  8. I can't believe I have lived in NB all my life and never made Hodge Podge! It's something I've had before in other homes but not something my mother ever made. Maybe it's time to correct that as we have lots of green beans and potatoes in the garden. I just have to buy some cream! I'm sorry to hear about Kitty's husband passing. Blessings to you. Enjoy your break.

  9. Hi Sandi,
    Wow, my post was the top viewed?! That makes me feel so happy. :) I will give you a shout out on my next post.
    Glad you are back. Thanks for sharing the recipes and wonderful quotes with us and for telling us about Kitty, I will visit with her next.
    Have a nice rest of your week,

  10. I am just back also after taking a break to spend all my time with my husband while he recuperated from his Heart surgery and all the complications. I love your "Hodge Podge" I will try it soon! Looking forward to your posts!

  11. Hope you are feeling better after your little break, Sandi! Thanks for hosting! Added two posts today as one was for last week's party. Hope that's OK :) Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  12. Thank you, my sweet friend, for sharing the loss of my dear hubby and asking for prayers for our family. I know that I have difficult days ahead, but what wonderful friends I am thankful for.
    Love, hugs and blessings to you, dear Sandi.

  13. Welcome back to blogging the Anne doll. Praying for Kitty. Thank you for caring enough to ask us to pray for her. Happy Friday.

  14. Hi Sandi,
    Happy to have you back! Your tea looks like it was so fun and the Hodge Podge looks very tasty. Kitty and her family have been in my prayers. Happy to be joining this weeks party. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Hi Sandi, welcome back; missed you. :) I have the loveliest Anne doll in Vancouver. When I get back there I'll show you. Don't you love the romanticism of the story? One of my favourites. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. I hope she has lots of love and family around her at this time. Much love to you and have a terrific weekend. :)

  16. Sandi,
    Me again!! Thanks so much for your visits and kind words. Glad to hear that your hubby was able to move inside. Joe can not because the clerks belong to a different union and they are the ones whose jobs may be endanger with all the Postal changes here due to mounting expenses. Joe will be able to retire in 4 years and collect his full pension from the Post Office along with Social Security. If they give him a buy out once he turns 62 in 3 years, he will take it and retire.
    He will find a part time job , hopefully in the mornings , when he does retire because he will not know what to do with himself. His only hobby is ME! LOL!!


  17. A lovely tea, indeed! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites. Hope you are better. So glad to have you back.

  18. Lovely tea setting, and I'm so happy to see you back and feeling better, pretty lady! Old Britain castles is gorgeous, I have red, but I think I'm gonna be in the look out for blue too. Yes, very sad about Kitty losing her dear one. The food is great too. Thanks for hosting and for this post.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. I hope your break was terrific - and that you're doing much better - Thanks for sharing about Kitty - such a Kindred Spirit! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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