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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday Rose Chintz Cottage!

Hello my sweet friends~ Today is my blog's birthday! Rose Chintz Cottage is four years old!

It is hard to believe that it was four years ago today that I took a deep breath and entered Blogland.

I was so nervous and I wasn't even sure what to share for the first few weeks.  I remember I was in awe when I got my first comment, even more so when I got my first follower!
I couldn't believe someone would be that interested in my little blog that they would actually sign up to be a follower.
Like a blogger friend said the other day, it was like an Academy Award moment.  

Now here I am, almost one thousand followers later, with over seven hundred posts under my belt as well as my own meme, Tea Time Tuesday. And to my surprise, I also have a second blog called Christmas Pudding.
The icing on the cake was when Romantic Homes magazine featured my blog in their July 2012 issue.

Why did you start blogging? I started to blog because I had been a church secretary and I missed writing up the bulletins every week. I had enjoyed it so much that I started to write short stories for the bulletins along with little tidbits and many a compliment I received because they were more personal instead of all business.

To say I have learned a lot from all of you would be an understatement! You are the reason I come here to the land of Blog every day, hoping to chat with a few of you.
I love your visits and wonderful comments. You are just plain lovely folks and it is a pleasure getting to know you! 

I am about to have a Giveway for all my Followers so stay tuned for that and I am also about to introduce to you yet another meme which I am working on. Who would have thought!

So, from my heart to yours, thank you, for making my blogging experience so very rewarding. God bless you all!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Happy blog birthday my dear friend! Amazing what hearing the call and obeying can do. Congratulations!

  2. Sandi: Happy Blog land Birthday! Thank you for starting your blog. It gives me somewhere to visit everyday and I so enjoy your ideas and interesting stories..i wish you many more days in blog land ahead. They will be as successful as all the past one.........Love you...Auntie P

  3. Aww... Happy Blog Birthday! I am so glad you took the leap and started your blog because if you hadn't, I would not have met you and been able to enjoy your lovely blog :) Thank you for being an inspiration and testimony!


  4. Congratulations on your 4th blog anniversary Sandi. I always enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts, especially Tea Time Tuesday. And now you have another meme up your sleeve? Can't wait to see it. I didn't know you were featured in Romantic Homes this summer!? Wow! I wish you all the best in your continued blogging adventures. Hugs, Pam

  5. "Happy Anniversary, Sandi"
    I really enjoy your blog and hope to follow along for a long time to come.
    Another 'meme'? Could be interesting. Deb

  6. Congratulations on your blog anniversary dear Sandi!
    I'm so happy I met you in blogland!
    Your sweetness and warmth makes this blog of yours a delightful meeting point for your followers.
    So, please go on counting more blog anniversaries.

  7. Four years thats a long time, I'm not been on it that long congratulations, it's like having little chats to people everywhere and having a little look into peoples lives and homes.

  8. Sandi, Happy Blog Anniversary!! Thank you for being YOU!

  9. Happy birthday. Love coming to your blog home. Always a treat.
    Here's to many more inspirational years, Sandi!
    Best wishes, Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  10. Hello Sandi
    Happy 4th anniversary for your blog. I'm so glad I met you through your Tea Time Tuesday meme, I've enjoyed gathering at Rose Chintz Cottage each week and met so many wonderful women here.
    I'm wondering what you'll feature for the next meme.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an amazing woman who is such a great example for others. I so admire your faith and perspective! HUGS!

  12. Happy Blog birthday,Sandi! 4 years, my that's great. I am only at 6 months. I so enjoy your blog and talking to you, thanks for all the help you've given me.

  13. Hi Sandy, Congrat's on your fourth blogaversary! Isn't it just the most incredible journey. I can't even imagine not having made so many connections online. I remember not knowing what to write about those first months. I have seen so many bloggers who get so many followers and it boggles my mind-wow is all I can say.
    Have a great night.

  14. Congratulations and happy blogiversary! You have come a long way in 4 years!

    Jocelyn @

  15. I started blogging because I am a writer and I had something to say. Getting published isn't so easy but that doesn't mean the urge to write goes away just because one is not professionally published. Through the internet, I have found a world of wonderful, wonderfully creative women who love beautiful things as much as I. It is a daily dose of my favorite magazine and letters from friends all wrapped up into one, neat package.
    I love your blog and I am glad you are still writing and taking beautiful photographs four years later.

  16. Happy 4th Birthday to Rose Chintz Cottage! Your blog is lovely and always a pleasure to visit.
    ~ Phyllis

    Don't the years fly by! This blogging community is pretty amazing!

  18. Congratulations, Sandi! I am happy for your success. You have such a sweet way about yourself and I love your photos. Your material is always fresh, which is amazing when you think of 700 posts and well over 100 Tea Time Tuesdays! Thanks for being you, Sandi! I'm glad to be a blogging friend!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  19. Happy blog birthday! Your such a sweet person its no wonder you have nearly a thousand followers!


  20. Happy Blog Birthday, It's so wonderful...I started blogging to share with everyone...I hated Facebook and I still don't care for it even though I have I love blogging and will be reaching my second year shortly...I to never thought I could even get to far. But decided long in the beginning I wrote for me and if others came along I would be happy...I enjoy reading other blogs very much and have learned alot too....Happy Fall evening with love Janice

  21. Happy Birthday to Rose Chintz Cottage! I have to ask, is your cupcake really big or is your plate really small? *winks*
    Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.
    Have a great weekend over there on the beautiful Prince Edward Island! Gina

  22. Hi Sandi,
    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! I wish you many more happy days of blogging. A new meme? Can't wait to see it.

  23. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. I love coming to your blog and joining in on your tea parties when I get the chance.

  24. Hi Sandi, congratulations on four years. You have came a long way, hopefully I can have my blog looking as nice four years from now. But doubt it.
    Your cabinet post was beautiful, loved it all. I have put my pictures on and your post is closed so going to try and jump in on Monday, not sure if it will work, but hopefully. Happy thanksgiving and God bless...

  25. Happy bloggerversary Sandi. Love coming over for tea,you have such beautiful china. xx

  26. Happy Bloggy Birthday Sandi !
    People visit you often because you speak with love and passion and bring lots of inspiration. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful blog with us all, I will look forward to reading many more of your posts in the years to come x

  27. Congratulations!
    An event that really needs celebrating, I bet you earned a lot of blogging friends already.

  28. Happy Birthday, Rose Chintz Cottage!!.. And best wishes always to you, Sandi! ((hugs)) ~tina

  29. Oh my best wishes to you! I am way behind you and you inspire me. Your blog is one of my favorites and I adore reading it each and every week.
    Love ya,

  30. Happy Blog birthday, Sandi! You've made a lot of people happy over the years!

  31. Happy Birtday to your very special blog! Your blog brings such sweet enjoyment to me and I look forward to seeing every post. Thank you so much for the encouragement you always give me when I join your tea party!

  32. Hi Sandi,
    Wow! Four years already....I remember when your blog was born.Keep up the good work!

    Happy Thanksgiving too.

  33. wow....1000 followers...okay I'm not have this wonderful gentle spirit that comes across on every post...and me? I'm so glad I found you. Have a fabulous weekend Sandi and a huge congrats!!!!

  34. Dear Sandi,
    from the bottom of my heart I wish your Blog Happy Birthday. Your blog is so inviting and its allways soothing to read your sweet posts. Blogging is a wonderful way to meet people, whereever they stay at the moment. Its fun and informations and makes friends around the world.
    Hugs and greetings, Johanna

  35. Happy blog birthday, dear Sandi!
    Thank you for sharing the gift of your friendship with us all, and bringing such beauty into our lives week after week!
    I am richly blessed by you and so glad I found your beautiful blog.
    love and hugs..Trish xx

  36. Congratulations, Sandi, on four years! Your blog is just the sweetest and your Tea Time has the nicest bloggers that attend. I also read your post on your dear friend, Carol. What a loving tribute to your friendship, with many thoughtful words expressed.


I am delighted to have you visit me and I read every comment. Please forgive me for not being able to visit you all as there are so many of you lovely bloggy friends now. I will visit as much as possible. I wish you a day filled with JOY! ~ Sandi