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Friday, 28 October 2011

Crystal, Posies, and Pumpkins for Pink Saturday

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good week. While I was in New Brunswick a couple of weeks ago, I found a couple of little crystal vases while thrifting.

The first one is a lead crystal vase and it's quite heavy. I paid five dollars for it and it is perfect for holding a little bouquet of fluffy pink  carnations. It looks really pretty when the sun hits it.

Then there is this little bud vase with what looks like the cornflower pattern on it. I paid ninety-nine cents for it. It's very sweet and delicate holding a single pink rose. 

The vases aren't pink but I hope you enjoyed seeing my posies.

Some pumpkins I painted and sprinkled with fairy dust, just because...

Love little glittery pumpkins!

Do visit Beverly to see more pinks. She has quite a line-up of pinkies every week. I hope you all have a very Happy Pink Saturday weekend.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Sweet little bouquets Sandi! I love the crystal vase and you found them both at great prices. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Sandie...I'm on the iPad and when your page turned a beautiful soft that. And nice vases....New Brunswick...would love to go. I think they have puffins there.

  3. Hi Sandi...You did good with your thrifting! I love the crystal vase with the carnations! Soooo pretty!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. O seu arranjo de flor é muito bonito transmite muita delicadeza e carinho. Um feliz sábado para você. Abrç!!

  5. Little vases of flowers are so lovely, so romantic, so perfect. Have a great Pink Saturday.

  6. I especially love the crystal vase with the pink carnations - so lovely! HPS!

  7. Oh I ADORE the pink pumpkins and your lovely carnations!!! Just passing through from Pink Saturday!!! :)


  8. Wow, Sandi, love it all. We definitely have similar taste.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Love the vases, they were great finds! The roses are beautiful too. Laura Cottage and Broome

  10. Happy Pink Saturday Sandi Sweetie...
    What a beautiful pink share today. I love your dusted pumpkins, so festive and pretty.

    Those vases are gorgeous, and perfect for your bouquets of flowers. I can smell the scents clear out here in Phoenix.

    Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  11. Oh, that first vase is absolutely beautiful. Nice job. Susan

  12. Your vases are very pretty and you got them at good prices. The carnations are a beautiful pink which just happens to be my favorite color. --------Shannon

  13. I do love your pretty pinks! The first vase is my favorite...I love those very textured designs!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  14. Oh those posies and vases are so lovely,especially the carnations Happy Pink Saturday x

  15. Sweet! Love that fairy dust! We don't really 'do' Halloween in the UK, but we are catching up fast (although having seen your decorations, I think we have a way to go yet, lol).

    Happy Halloween, hugs and Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

  16. Hello sweet Sandi! I love that crystal vase it is just divine! Too cute on your pink pumpkins!
    Happy PInk Saturday!

  17. Hi, Sandi....I love little vases that only hold one or two blooms! I like to place them around my house just for fun! Your "finds" and the blooms are lovely....the rose is such a pretty pink....
    NOW......those PINK pumpkins!! I love them.....right now I could use some for decorating for fall....I can
    only use pastel colors as my house is so pinky, yellow and seafoam green
    inside.....I bet you painted these lady!!
    Have a Happy Halloween.....Francy

  18. HI Sandi~
    I love knowing fellow thrift shoppers! Your pumpkins are delightful. I started mine a year ago and they still aren't done. SIGH! Maybe they'll be ready for next year. Wonderful post!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Gorgeous pink flowers and I ADORE the pink pumpkins, Sandi!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  20. Your pink carnations look amazing!! So sweet and beautifull

  21. Everything is so sweet and pretty. Love pink also. Hugs...Lu

  22. More than beautiful my friend!!!! Sweet little bouquets steal my heart away!

    xoRebecca PS: Great shopping at the thrift! xo

  23. Goegeous pink pumpkins and beautiful vase with carnations, one of my fav floewers. Great finds Sandie! Have a great week.

  24. Hi Sandi,
    I love your little crystal vase with the pretty pink carnations!

    Quite a day yesterday wasn't it?You were probably happy that it wasn't in the white form though.


  25. A genuine lead crystal vase of fine quality and craftsmanship is really one of a kind and something a lover of glass art would appreciate tremendously. These pieces would make a lovely gift or display piece for your home. Thanks a lot.


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