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Friday, 9 September 2011

Tea in the Garden

Hello dear friends~ I am joining Bernideen for her Tea in the Garden today.
No, it's not my garden, it's a little park in downtown Charlottetown where I brought a simple little tea for Hubby and me to enjoy outside.

I set our tea out on the park bench. The paisley teapot I have had for years and the transferware teacups were given to me by my cousin Val. The little saucer on which the ginger snaps rest was a thrift find in New Brunswick while we were over on holiday.

I didn't have to bring flowers because we were surrounded by them.

We can sit and sip our tea and enjoy the view. The fresh air is wonderful!

I brought some chocolate coated donuts too as well as the ginger snaps. I love the pop of red flowers behind the bench, don't you?

While we were sitting and enjoying the view, a horse drawn carriage went by carrying some tourists. Actually, two carriages went by but this was the better shot. This is a frequent sight around Charlottetown this time of year.

After we had our tea we made our way to Fanningbrook which is where the Lieutenant Governor lives. He represents our Queen here on the Island. The LG's granddaughter had been a member of our Young Adult Ministry a few years ago. And yes, I have been inside this grand place several times. It is especially nice at Christmastime.

Fanningbank has spectacular gardens! So, come along and enjoy a wonderful stroll with me. It is a sight to behold, believe me! You can see the mansion in the background. If you click on the photos, they will enlarge for you.

 Lush and splendid in its rainbow of colours. 

A view of the fountain and arbour in behind

Prince William and his lovely bride were visiting here not too long ago.

One can see the harbour behind the bench.

The Lieutenant Governor's mansion is situated in Victoria Park where we like to go most evenings and have our coffee.

We park our car along the boardwalk and watch the sailboats.

Thank you for coming along with me for a little tea in the garden and a walk through one of our city's fabulous gardens.

Thank you Bernideen for hosting and please visit this lovely lady for more tea in the garden participants.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi...

    Ohhh my...tea in the park is such a delight, my friend! And...what a beautiful park it is!!! I just loved getting to see the flower gardens at the park and at Fanningbrook. Wow...what a gorgeous home! Don't you just love that big ol' wrap-around porch? Have you ever been inside that home? Just curious. Of course, if the Lieutenant Govenor lives there...they may not open it to tours. I loved the vine covered arbor and bench in the garden. Yes, I could spend some time just meandering the day away in these beautiful gardens! Thank you so much for sharing them with well as your lovely tea in the park! Mmmm...I DO love chocolate covered donuts! Hehe!

    Thank you for coming by today, sweet friend! I sooo enjoyed your visit.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sandi!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Good Morning from the USA, and the state of Kansas, and the city of Wichita, (Wich-a-ta).
    I found your blog through another blogger, can't remember which one now, but I loved your tea time and the beauty of the gardens.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow - this one is over the top great! Thank you so much for joining in today and all this "effort" I see here! Sandi, I do so hope I can visit your lovely island one day!

  5. Hi Sandi!
    This is just an amazing post and I so wish my little old acre looked like that! I would be hanging out there, too, most of the time. Thanks so much for letting us see a bit of your little paradise there!
    Have a great weekend in the park!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. Hi Sandi,
    beautiful pictures of a lovely park. Just the right place to enjoy a tea time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. Oh my goodness Sandie! I'm in awe of that incredible setting! What a beautiful home and the garden is absolutely magical looking! I would have loved to have had tea with you! Lover you gorgeous teapot!

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!


  8. Sandi, I loved your tea in the park, and the tour of th flower gardens at Fanningbrook. Beautiful!!!
    Hugs, Beth

  9. Hi Sandi
    Tea in the park sounds...romantic! I tried looking at the red flowers but that donut kept staring me in the face. :-)
    The Lieutenant Govenor's gardens are magnificent and it would have been nice to be there when the royals were. Thank you for sharing this part of the island with us.

  10. Hey Sandi,
    Love the idea of tea in the park, what a beautiful setting. I always bring a table cloth when we picnic too. I had to blow up the picture up to get a better look a your tea pot, gorgeous! I did a post this week using my Rose Chintz dishes but I wish I had the matching tea pot like you do! Laura Cottage and Broome

  11. Sandi, this is a wonderful post and tour of the beautiful gardens in downtown Charlottetown. I have also toured the Lieutenant Governor's home many years ago and it was beautiful. The weather has been really nice lately hasn't it? Enjoy the weekend! Blessings, Pamela

  12. What a lovely place to visit, I love the carriage and gardens.
    Your little teaset is very pretty,I love picnics. x

  13. Oh my, such a beautiful setting to sharing tea together... love those pops of red in the background...perfect setting to highlight your pretty red transfer ware and teapot... I love transfer ware... to me it is so classic and "timeless." And I enjoyed the tour of the mansion and garden... everything looks so lush and green and so neatly laid out...stunning! Love the carriage shot. Thanks for visiting me, Sandi and for your endearing thoughts. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Hugs~Poppy

  14. Your island looks so pretty. Good on you for packing a tea set for a proper tea in the gardens! The photos are beautiful.

  15. Oh, Sandi! You live in paradise! How lucky~ Gorgeous gardens, lovely scenery. What a fabulous day spent relaxing. Thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoy a cup of tea counting your blessings :)


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