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Monday, 15 August 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

"I love things that bear the touch of time; chips and all - they're more beautiful than perfection." ~ Victoria magazine

Hello my lovely tea friends and welcome to my 81st Tea Time Tuesday.

Vacation is over and it's back to work for Hubby today. Sad to say, our Summer vacation did not offer us our frequent visits to our gorgeous beaches this year because the weather just wasn't warm enough. We did however spend the entire day there yesterday and it was so appreciated after a cool and wet Summer. We did enjoy many outings and daycations the few weeks he was off though. I will share some photos later in the week of some of the places we have visited.

While Hubby and I were visiting my relatives in New Brunswick, my cousin and I went junking one evening. While browsing one second hand store, we found some wonderful treasures! Wanna see?

But before I show you what I found at the thrift store, I want to share this little beauty I found at HomeSense. A sweet footed dish with basket weave detail and a little birdie perched on it. It is made by Gracie China and can be used for all sorts of things; candy, compote, cookies, fruit, flowers, etc... I have decided to float some roses in it today.

At the thrift store, I found this...

Pretty? I wonder whose table it once graced.

Was it the center of many tea parties?

Perhaps it was once a wedding or an anniversary gift.

I thought it very cute and elegant too; lots of lovely detail and ornamentation.

I cleaned it all up and arranged it on my silver tray which also needed to be polished. I do like the patina of silver but today I thought I would share it in all its sparkle. The tray was an Anniversary gift a few years ago. 

I placed a doiley on the tray then I set the coffee/teapot in the upper right corner of the tray. In front of the teapot I placed two teacups. In the upper left corner, is a vase of flowers. In the bottom left corner, is the cream and sugar. A napkin is placed in between the c/s and teacups. On the napkin, the silverware is placed with the handles pointing out towards the guests. This is usually the proper way in which to set a tea tray.
I have sprinkled some rose petals around too. It looks and smells wonderful. I have not included a receptacle for holding hot water which should go between the vase of flowers and the teapot.

I am using Judith's ~   silver sugar tong today as well as two teacups, Rose Chintz by Gracie China and Rose Bud by Maxwell and Williams.

I thought these teacups looked pretty with the rose petals.

My mother's Oneida silverware is a pretty good match to the silver teapot, cream and sugar. Notice the little flowers.

The flowers are almost identical!

I have no idea who made the silver tea service as there are no marks on it.

I am loving the little feet!

Ah, silver and roses!

I was quite pleased to find this silver service as I had been looking for one for quite some time. It was a great find at a great price too. I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice. It truly is a pretty thing with a mirror finish!

If I should invite just one special guest to join me for afternoon tea, I'd pick someone who knows all my faults and even still, loves me.

This Summer has been such a disappointment beach wise but it did offer us a few trips to antique shops and such. My roses have been in bloom longer than usual too. So, it would seem there are blessings to be found even in our disappointments.

Next week, I have even more finds to share with you.... Isn't this fun?

"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart." ~ Psalm 37:4

I am delighted you have stopped by today and I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new finds.
I would love for you to join me for Tea Time Tuesday! All you have to do is share a favourite tea cup or teapot, a coffee mug, or something tea related. If you wish, you may do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too: apple cider, iced tea or iced coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, or punch. The TTT button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be more than welcome! Please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi, You found a beautiful silver tea service. The bowl from HomeSense is very pretty too. It look beautiful all set on the silver tray with your roses and pretty teacups. Holidays come and go way too fast don't they? Have a wonderful week! Blessings, Pamela

  2. Hi Sandi, Your silver tea service is fabulous! What a great find! I love going to the thrift stores too and have found many nice things there. Have a great day. I enjoyed my tea with you today.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. Sandi- love your new finds and our summer as been as hot as yours was cold. Strange year, for sure, so far.
    Love anything with a foot.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Sandi,
    You probably know I love looking through second-hand stores for treasures. Isn't it fun? You had a great find...I love it!

    I also like the bowl with the birdie on it, very nice. Your posts are always great.

    Wish summer vacation wasn't over...but we have the beautiful fall colors to look forward to:)

  5. Sandi, you have a beautiful blog. I just love all the pretty things you showed today. Of course the silver pieces are exquisite and the the teacups are so dainty. I'm sure you are happy with your finds. Have a wonderful week!!

  6. Hi, Sandi, I've missed you. I have had so many issues with seeing photos on my computer, so I just haven't been partaking of the tea parties. However, I'm on my husband's laptop now, and photos come through fine on there, so I am able to enjoy tea with you today.

    I love the little white dish. It's beautiful.

    And that silver tea service!! Ah, be still my heart!! I have a large silver tea service that belonged to my grandmother. There's a large tray, creamer and sugar, a coffee pot, and about 5 different size teapots. Sadly, I don't have display space for it right now, so it's packed away in a box. I can't wait to get it out, as even looking at yours reminds me of my beloved grandmother.

    Have a great day.


  7. Hello Sandi
    How lucky you were to find a silver tea set in good condition, it's beautiful. Thank you for mentioning my blog, I'm so happy you get enjoyment from your sugar tongs.
    I'll have to remember how to properly set a tea tray, often times it all just gets thrown on in a hurry.
    Thanks for hosting,

  8. Sandi you always have the prettiest tea parties! Everything you do is so special.

    We have been looking for vintage goodies lately but I didn't come home with tea cups this time-I came home with two stools for my deck!

    I have been trying to get back into the teatime posts so I am linking up my first one for a very long time. Thanks for having me.

    Best wishes for a lovely Tuesday!

  9. That silver tea service set is in excellent condition, and you were very fortunate to find it! I loved how you decorated it with the rose petals, tea cups, napkins, and other necessities. It's a very attractive display.

    Oh, that little "bath" that you found (your first picture) is cute too. I like the rose petals floating in the water.

    It's always a pleasure to have tea time with you. :)

  10. I love the tea set you found, and you have set it so beautifully with your china, etc.

  11. What a lovely find of the tea service. We had a very mild Summer with lots of rain in Australia too but they are predicting a hotter one this year.

  12. Love the footed dish you found at HomeSense and what a gorgeous find thrifting! Well done! The roses on everything are so pretty. Happy Tea Day!

  13. Wow! Sandi, that is beautiful with your china. What a perfect find for your silver tray too. I also really love that compote. What a great idea to float roses in it. Glad you had some fun on vacation. Thanks for having us over!
    Your friend,

  14. This is beautiful Sandi. The floating roses ae so pretty. I love it all!

  15. Such a lovely silver tea service. I love the wonderful tray also. Beautiful vignette and the flowers are perfect. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Oh how lovely! Your new tea pot is a find! Love the tray and the details~ I am glad you had the chance to spend the day with your cousin. Thanks for hosting this teatime :)

  17. Hi Sandi! I've been off the grid for a week visiting my son, daughter-in-law and grandbaby in New England. My tea post today is just one of a handful of posts gleaned from my trip. I hope you have a chance to visit my Making of a Miracle post about my son's triumph over cancer and the miracle baby celebrating her 1st birthday this month - being born last year at this time - three months early!

    I like your word "daycation" - seems all Ed and I ever get. He had to work and couldn't go to New England with me. We hope to do Lancaster in the fall and see his cousin - Jillian of Bella Rosa Antiques.

    I have a silver set like yours - bought it years ago as a wedding gift - then kept it for myself! Ya!

    Joy to you!

  18. A beautiful elegant. And with your tray a gorgeous bit of teatime beauty! Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  19. Hi Sandi,
    Oh I just love your tea time today. I am still on vacation but could not miss it here. You have created another inviting and beautiful tea to enjoy.
    Love the silver treasures you found and I have painted many of these vintage finds. Your tea cup rose design looks gorgeous next to the silver. So pretty and elegant.
    As always you make it very special as only you can do!

    Thank you my friend for sharing your talents.
    See you soon.
    Hugs and Blessings, Celestina Marie

  20. Silver is so perfect on a tea table. Yours is so lovely. Thank you!

  21. Hi Sandi! Oh, what a gorgeous tea service! Everything looks so beautiful as always! I would love to really have tea with you and pick my own cup!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. I love silver tea services and yours is beatiful, along with the pretty tea cups and flowers. Have a great week. FABBY

  23. Hi Sandi
    Yes, all good things must come to an end! Glad you were able to get away for some rest and relaxation.

    Love the tea service you found! I hope to have one myself one day. Just haven't come across one yet! Beautiful tablescape!!! If you didn't live so far away I'd be tempted to come for tea! LOL

  24. Hi Sandi!! Amazing find and you deserve it! Such a pretty collection of things for tea this week as usual..I never fail to leave here w/ a smile and full of inspiration.

  25. Hi Sandi: Thank you for reminding me of my silver tea services. I forgot all about them until I saw your beautiful set. I love the way silver looks with tea cups. You always have such amazing posts. I am so happy I met you. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  26. Hi Sandi,
    oh my heart is beating when I saw: "Silver and Roses". You know how fond I am for that combination. Your new find is so fabulous. It was certainly a well stored and never used wedding present. It is almost new. And your flatware is perfect with this set. Amazing how wonderful Judith's lovely sugar tongs matches with that. The silver is a lovely addition to all of your pretty china. Thank you for having me for this elegant tea party and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  27. It is so nice to be back to Tuesday Tea Times and your tea time is so lovely. The silver serving set is exquisite . I could see your reflection in it as you photographed.

    Summer is such a busy season, I think we all need Autumn to recover from it.It is good to read you got away to enjoy even a little time at the beach. Thank=you for hosting this time.

  28. WOW Sandi, loving your silver tea service! beautiful finds of silver! loving the footed dish as well, i absolutely love and always enjoy my visit here, not only you make a beautiful tea table/set/service, your collection of teacups are so beautiful too, glad you had a lovely time on the beach despite the weather and managed to go junking and found lovely things! thanks for hosting and sharing again!


  29. I had to come by to visit when I noticed that you have Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz china ... I featured it on my blog today, too. What a huge coincidence!

    Your 'new' teapot was a fabulous find!

  30. My grandmother had the Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz. I love it so much!!! I love your finds. The little white dish with the bird...just precious!!

  31. Dear Sandi
    All my love for you in this Tea Time Tuesday
    I am glad meeting you again

  32. Hi Sandi,
    What a fun post! You do find the neatest things! And, your Mom's silverware was the same that I grew up with!
    That lovely dish in the first picture is just beautiful and to think you found such a sweet silver set! WOW! is all I can think to say!

  33. Gorgeous silverware Sandi... What a fabulous find...You've displayed it proudly..Makes me think of an old English Manor, butlers and high noon teatime. The rose petals are the perfect touch..BEAUTIFUL !!!...HUgs

  34. Beautiful set - I love silver! I would love to find a set somewhere or inherit one!


  35. So pretty! I love silver -- and just recently found a silver footed tray at Goodwill; it was someone's anniversary gift from 1966.

    Now I have to polish up my silverplated tea and coffee pots!

    Lovely post, and thanks for hosting.

  36. Fabulous! I love your new tea pot set, and you set the tray so beautifully! What a elegant way to treat yourself.
    Your birdie dish is gorgeous too. The flowers look lovely in it.

  37. Dear Sandi,
    What a lovely silver tea set. I'm sure who ever owned it in the past is happy to know iy now belongs to you. So very pretty..
    Have a wonderful week,

  38. A vacation sounds so marvelous at this point! We have not been able to take one in a few years! It amazes me to learn that while we're blanketed under swealtering heat - others are not - experiencing cooler - wetter weather! Fascinates me! I like the beach in the off season when it is cooler and there's fewer people - maybe I should be where you are!!!
    I have the same bowl! Love it! Yours looks beautiful with the floating roses! The teaset is gorgeous - you have a talent for display - thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,
    I appreciate you,

  39. Hi Sandi, It looks like you also found some wonderful treasures! We just started using Birk's Foaming Silver Polish. I highly recommend it.

    I look forward to getting to know you better.

  40. What great finds! Love the silver! We headed for a "short" vacation to the Gulf only to get completely rained out...headed for Seaside, FL. We extended the vacation and so enjoyed seeing the gorgeous beach.

  41. Sandi, you have set out a very beautiful and elegant tray!!
    What great finds - the siver tea set is lovely!
    I'm sorry your weather is not 'beachy' enough for you to enjoy fully. you say the roses make amends somewhat, by blooming longer than expected.
    They are absolutely gorgeous -especially the tender way you display them!
    I so appreciate the beauty you bring to us each week!
    Thank you for linking to LACE dear friend.
    Have a blessed week in Jesus..Trish

  42. Hi Sandi!
    Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  43. Hi Sandi, your silver is beautiful. I have a weakness for it. This is stunning.

    Sure missed being a part of Tea Time Tuesday this week.


  44. Hi Sandi...

    Ohhh have done it again, sweet have set the most beautiful tea tray!!! What a sweet treasure find...your silver tea service! It really is lovely! Ohhh...and all the sparkly silver just looks gorgeous with your pretty pink roses! Love your chintz teacups and saucers too! Everything looks sooo very beautiful, dear lady! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tea with us! I have seen that pretty creamware bowl with the sweet bird before. I just adore it and would love to find one as well. There is a matching teapot. Carolyn over at Aiken's House and Gardens has one.

    Well dear lady, so sorry to hear that your vacation plans for the beach didn't work out but it sounds like you had a wonderful time anyway! Take care, dear friend!

    Warmest summery wishes,

  45. That's a beautiful thrift store did very well. You must have been in the right place at the right time. :o)

    I really like the bowl from HomeSense too. I usually find some pretty things there but not so much lately. Hopefully that will change soon as I find good deals there.

    Thanks for sharing on LACE.

  46. Gorgeous, there's just something so elegant yet comfortable about a silver tea set! thanks for linking up to VIF, xo Debra


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