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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

High Tea and The 56th Tea Time Tuesday

Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. ~ Sydney Smith

A warm welcome to Tea Time Tuesday my lovely friends! I am linking up to Laura's High Tea Party as well today.

I have joined Laura's tea party at the last minute so I apologize for not serving the way I should have. This post is from yesterday's tea party.

It's still the month of February so how about we celebrate Amour just a little bit longer.

Today instead of a pink and red theme, I am sharing purple or lavender if you will. I realise I have shared this teacup before however, it is February so I thought this sweet teacup would be the perfect choice for today.
A lavender heart shaped wreath and a sparkly butterfly accompany this pretty teacup. Lavender, butterflies, and violets just whisper of Spring to me and even though the ground is covered with a thick layer of cold, white snow, I know Spring is on its way! Winter cannot last forever!

This teacup is special to me because it was gifted to me by my hubby's aunt who has since passed. It was a much appreciated house warming gift when we moved into our new home during the month of February. The teacup will always hold sentimental value for me!

Did you know that lavender not only smells wonderful but has healing qualities? Try a lavender tea.

This teacup is called Violets and is made by Royal Albert. It is made of fine bone china in England and is one in the series Flower of the Month. Royal Albert produces such pretty teacups, do they not?
The violet is also the provincial flower of New Brunswick which is where I was born.

Blue violets are the symbol of faithfulness. ~

The deepest urge in every human heart is to be in relationship with someone who absolutely delights in us. ~ Larry Crabb, Psychologist

In just a few weeks, Spring, which is my favourite season, will be arriving and in celebration of Springtime, I am going to be having a Spring Tea the week of March 21. So, all you ladies, gather your springtime treasures and teacups and get ready to share in the celebration of new life. I look forward to celebrating with you!

A good way to dream about Spring is to peruse Victoria magazine. These two issues from 2001 and 2002 are especially lovely.

I can't wait for the arrival of the song birds again! I miss them so much when they've gone down South. The gold finch especially will be a welcome sight for these eyes of mine!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT~ Kathy @ A Delightsome Life is hosting a Celebrate Spring with Victoria Party on March 22. If you would like to participate in her party then check out her blog and sign up. Her link is below or you may click on Kathy's button on my sidebar.

If you care for a little nibble to go with your tea today, I am including this tea photo from a tea party a couple of weeks ago. There is cake and tea sandwiches in front of the fire.

I have used Lavender Rose by Royal Albert and Rose Bud by Maxwell and Williams, and a few other patterns in this tea. The silverware is Evening Star by Oneida.

I am delighted you have stopped by today! I really enjoy having you and I love looking at all your tea things! If you have not participated in Tea Time Tuesday with me before and you would like to, please share a favourite teacup, teapot, china mug, or some china used in a tea. You may also do coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider if you wish. A scripture verse, poem, or tea quote would be delightful too! The TTT button on my sidebar is available if you wish to use it in your tea post or on your sidebar. Please link back to me so your visitors may find their way here to visit all my lovely participants.

"Love...bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails." ~
1 Corinthians 13: 7-8

Please use the inlinkz below to sign up for my tea party.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hello Dearest Sandi,
    I have missed posting with all of my favorite tea parties! I love the February teacup - my mom's birthday is in February and I bought her that very same cup. Thank you for hosting!

  2. Isn't it nice when something you love holds memories of a love one? I joined your party for the 1st time! thanks!

  3. Always wonderful to celebrate love! Lavender ... one of my favorite things. Lavender and Love ... perfect!

  4. I am also wishing for spring. Your teacup is perfect tribute to the coming of spring. I hope enjoyed your tea. Take care:)

  5. Hello Sandi
    Always a pleasure to join you for tea. Your teacup this week is special to me as my birthday is this month and besides loving my birthstone of amethyst, I've always been partial to anything lavender.
    I look forward to our special spring tea.

  6. HI Sandi, Oh, I love lavender. I even have a lavender chamomile tea from Traditional Medicinals. It's for easing tension etc, which it does...for me..More importantly, it tastes delightful :) :)

    your February lavender teacup and match ing saucer is beautiful. It would be fun to see the other cups in that series!!1 What a sweet gift that you received, that you still love and treasure.

    Oh, I think I"m going to have myself a lovely cup of tea now ;) :) Have a great week, Sandi!!! Oh, I LOVE Victoria magazine too!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Dear Sandi,
    I absolutely agree, Royal Albert has truly lovely designs and shapes. All the flowers are so nice painted and so naturally. What a sweet ginft of your dear Aunt. I really love the cups from Flower of the Month series. And like you I am so waiting for spring. The lavender heart looks charming and I guess it smells wonderful. I never tried to dring lavender tea.
    Thank you so much, Sandi, for hosting this delightful party. I am happy to join you.
    Greetings, Johanna

  8. Sandi, thank you for having me for tea today! It has been a while since I have been able to join in so I am so happy to be here today!

    Best wishes and happy tea-time Tuesday!

  9. Sandi your post is gorgeous! I am loving the colors. Beautiful!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

  10. Hi Sandi, that is a very pretty tea cup and saucer. I guess you know that violets are the provincial flower of New Brunswick. I'm looking foward to your springtime tea party in March. I'll have to plan something special to share. I grow lavender in my garden and it's one of my favorite scents - very calming. Have a great week! Pamela

  11. Delightful to visit your pretty post today!
    Lavender is such a pleasant color. Glad to see it in use.

    May God bless you and may you have a sweet life,
    d from homehaven

  12. Hi Sandi: You always have the best tea cup posts. I love the one today. It just full of your sweet spirit. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha.

    PS - I will join your party! It sounds like fun.

  13. Love your blog, and also your tea cup! I just seen a set of twelve tea cups in a shop last month and they remind m of your set!

  14. Isn't everything Royal Albert makes just amazing!

    m ^..^

  15. Hi Sandi!
    this is such a beautifuful teacup and saucer. Of course, whenever I find a teacup in shades of purple, my heart melts and it has to come home with me!

  16. Sandi, your tea cup set is just adorable. I love the colors. And the wreath is just as pretty. I love lavender, it smells so good and I am imagining the smell while I am reading your blog..Christine

  17. Sandi, your tea cups are gorgeous! Thanks for hosting Tea Time Tuesday.


  18. Hello Sandi, I'm glad to be part of your Tea Time Tuesday. Thank you for hosting and for sharing God's love with us.

  19. Oh, how lovely your teacup is! Such a wonderful gift from your husband! I know you cherish it! I do love lavender! I will not be able to link for a month or so, I will soon go to my 46th surgery, but I will be having Tea Time each week for Tea linking.

  20. Hi Sandy, I'm a friend of Natasha's and dropped by to join your Tuesday Tea party. Can you believe, I've been hosting a tea party on Tuesdays for several months now and didn't know other sweet ladies do the same thing?

    I like to have tea time chats about matters of the heart on Tuesdays and encourage my readers to have tea with me. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely tea party. You have a lovely blog and your tea time post and photos are just exquisite! (And very encouraging.)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  21. Sandi, your post is so beautiful! What a breath of fresh air to view your gorgeous photos and tea cups. Your R.A cup and saucer for February is so pretty with its purple violets. Such a lovely cup to have tea in.

  22. Lovely! Violets are such harbingers of spring. My little violets are just peeking out under the ground cover under the trees with the crocuses.

  23. Hope this poem is fitting for your website.

    My Royal Family

    With your word you have set me free,
    Ignited my spirit, like you, I strive to be.
    Free! no ties , no lies, binding me.
    By your mercy, your grace, at last I can see.

    Your yoke hangs gently around my neck,
    easy and light, just like you had said.
    If not by you, then who? This I can not fathom,
    I belong to you, this is not random.

    By choice?... My choice?... How can this be?
    Wasn't it He, who chose to save me.

    Mercy and grace, given abundantly.
    Eternally grateful for adopting me.

    From that day forward, I awake Free.
    No longer enslaved by powers other than thee.

    Royal garments, I now own.
    By my Father Given , who covers skin and bone.

    I Pick up My Scepter! On goes my Royal Robe!
    My Fathers the king, I now sit by His throne.

    First born yes! That is me,
    First born of His Royal family.

    By: Giovanni

    Jesus Christ is Lord!

  24. I always enjoy your Tuesday Tea times, and thank-you for hosting them.

    What a sweet and pretty gift from your husband's aunt, especially as it causes you to think about your favorite season.

    As usual, your post and pictures are lovely, evoking a sense of peace as I read it.

  25. Hi Sandi,

    I love Royal Albert's monthly teacups, it's so beautiful and to add more it's a gift from your hubby's aunt who passed away, I do love spring too and can't wait for the birds to start singing again, here is still cold and no sign of spring yet, Enjoy your Victoria magazines!

  26. Such a beautiful cup and saucer and the lavender wreath is just stunning. So pretty. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  27. Hello! Love your February teacup! It is quite lovely - I wish you could see the view from my lacy window - the sun is peeping through clouds - we may get rain - but the birds are singing - calling out to each other - the wind is blowing softly and the flowers are lifting their heads - in our Southern garden - spring is here - the fragrance of the daffodils and narcissus float in the air - close your eyes - soon this will be your view...
    God Bless,

  28. Sandi, thank you for your lovely post. Your February teacup is so pretty, and how nice that it has such a nostalgic aura attached to it.

    Everything lavender is wonderful. The wreath is lovely!. I discovered lavender's healing effects one summer. Did you know that if you take a sprig of fresh True Lavender and sit quietly while smelling it, it will give you a calmness, and will quiet any obsessive thoughts or multitude of chatter going on in your mind.

    Just the scent of some herbs have a positive, healing, physiological effect within the brain and body.

    Have a blessed day,

  29. Hi Sandi ~ Just popping in to say "hi" as I've bee away for a while. I adore your February teacup and saucer (it's my Birthday Month)! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend ~ Lisa

  30. So delighted to see your tea party grow! Such delights! Thank you for joining A Return to Loveliness - I always enjoy your visits,

  31. I love violets!...and specially that February cup
    Meeting you is a pleasure a week more

  32. Hi Sandi,
    it is so nice to join you for tea time on this wintry day!
    Your teacup is pretty and nice that it has sentimental value as well.
    Looking forward to that spring tea!

    Thanks for hosting,

  33. Thats a very pretty tea cup. I do like violets. Oh and is it possible for you to offer you blog via email?



  34. Lavender just seems to whisper spring to me. Lovely thoughts.
    Wondeful to dream of spring. You have had quite a snowy winter.
    Thank you for being such a lovely hostess. and sharing with us at TTTT.

  35. Hello Sandi!

    You've such a gorgeous blog and all your posts are really nice and great!


  36. Oh Sandi, I love your teacup! soo sweet! love it! I've yet to get this Flower of the month series.. they are all so pretty aren't they! btw just to let you know that I already found my Veronica teacup just like yours! love the cup so much! and thanks to you for being my inspiration! have a good week!

  37. Hi Sandi! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my tea for two tablescape, I truly enjoyed putting it together. I linked up to your Tuesday Tea also, thanks for hosting! :)
    I LOVE your purple teacup...violets are one of my very favorite flowers.
    Have a wonderful day sweet friend!

  38. Sandi,
    This cup is absolutely lovely! Love the lavender wreath and the info on lavender too. Happy week!

  39. Hi Sandi!

    What a beautiful teacup, and such a lovely post for us. I love lavendar, and what a great idea to have a lavendar tea. I once purchased a tea of rose petals, and it was devine. I can't find it anymore. thanks for sharing you special cup.


  40. Your collection is absolutely lovely!

    Yes, please link it up so that more people can view it.

    It is absolutely appropriate.

  41. I have that same February tea cup. I have wanted to get one for each month and then use them for the people when they come over for their birthday month....but I never did it!

  42. HI Sandi! What a beautiful tea cup with the sweetest story attached to it! Your tea table by the fire is just beautiful! Thank you so much for popping in to see my Willow on the Sun Porch post!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. Your candlelit tea in front of the fire looks so inviting. I will try and join in your spring tea party on 21 March. I too can recommend tea with added lavender.

  44. Hi Sandi, that violets teacup is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Today seems to be the day for purples. I have seen lots posted and it's been so much fun :)

  45. Hello Sandi, I just to let you know how much I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Some day I hope to join you although I am not quite eloquent as you are. Your blog is delightful and I am a tea lover so have enjoyed your pretty teapots and teacups. I love purple myself and think February teacup is so beautiful. Thank you for such a pleasant place to visit and the uplifting thoughts that you have on your blog.

  46. Hello there sweet Sandi,

    What a delightful teacup and flowers.., and oh my!~ your beautiful teatime vignette is so prettily arranged with candlelight by the fire.., Love it all!

    Thanks for hosting the loveliest of teas once again Sandi and also for joining in with us for the fun of this week's TTTT and also with my 71st,'Tuesday Tea For Two'.

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee

  47. Sandi, I'm so glad to meet you. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I'm following you back. You have a beautiful blog, Love all the pretty china. I know I'll be visiting often. Hugs

  48. Sandi you do have such lovely dishes!! I was also admiring the oh so pretty pink hobnail vase in the last picture-

    bee blessed

  49. Hi Sandi,I love all things lavender,so you must know I adore your teacup.That was a good idea of your sweet Aunt to give the month that you moved in teacup.I will use her idea for others,esp. my daughters-young ones are always moving.

  50. What a beautiful table setting, Sandi! Love the lavender heart wreath, too!
    Can't wait for Spring...
    Jo :)

  51. What a sweet post! Hope to be back next week, I have enjoyed looking. Lynn

  52. I just can't believe how quickly time passes and another week has come and is almost gone! I love violets and have a spring garden full of them thanks to a dear friend that gave me a start of hers. They are much taller than the ones my mom had at home and the leaves are huge! Some people do consider them to be a problem in the garden because they multiply. The leaves will even come back after one of our hail storms, so I can enjoy hearts all summer.

    Your lavender heart it lovely and must smell so nice. Take care and stay warm. Our wind is out of the SOUTH today and is COLD!! I'm ready for some green shoots in the yard. ♥♫

  53. I just love the look of that tea party. :)

    One of my favorite tea cups is a July cup, which is my birthday month. My daughter and I were visiting Old Sturbridge Village together a few years ago (when we flew out that time to see her) and she had to get it for me.

    It reminds me of that special day together at one of my favorite places... with one of my favorite persons. :)

  54. Hi,

    Beautiful collection of tea pots. The flower prints made on the upper surfaces of the tea pots makes it more attractive. It can be a best gift item for our loved ones. Thanks a lot for this loving and wonderful post.

  55. What a lovely tea party. You have such beautiful teacups, thank you for sharing!

  56. Hey Sandi! You're right, Gail is a genius! lol She doesn't really live NEAR me, it was a two hour drive to take the stuff to her and then again to pick it up, but mom said it was worth it! (and of course, I thought it was worth it too, because I got to meet Gail and hug her neck! lol)
    Have a great day!


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