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Friday, 10 December 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello pinkie friends~ Welcome to my Pink Saturday post.

First of all I want to thank Beverly ~
for hosting this fun event.

Before I share my favourite holiday movie, I would like to share a photo of a precious little pink bundle who arrived way ahead of her due date which was on Christmas Eve.

Jenna-Lynn was born last Saturday afternoon, December 4, to my middle son Joel and his wife Carina. Jenna-Lynn is a baby sister for Zachary and our first granddaughter. We are so pleased!

Now on to my favourite holiday movie! I have several favourites actually and if one of them is on, I am just as excited to sit down and watch it as I am the others.

The 1946 movie, "It's A Wonderful Life," tells the story of an angel who helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like had he never existed. James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore stared in this poignant film which I feel teaches a great lesson. The film won five Oscars.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a wonderful weekend. Merry Christmas!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


Sharing Shadymont said...

Hi Sandi,

What a pretty little pink gift your family received. She is beautiful!!

Merry Christmas!

Rose Brier Studio said...

Congratulations on your new granddaughter. She is precious.
Happy Pink Saturday,

Jingle said...

She is super cute, pink baby, wow, a delicious pink post.

LV said...

That precious little one is the best Christmas gift anyone could ever ask for.

Olivia said...

Oh my I just adore your sweet cuddly baby doll! It's a Wonderful Life is also my favorite movie!

~Country Lady~ said...

Your precious granddaughter is beautiful! What an awesome blessing! I happen to LOVE "It's a Wonderful Life" too!

Jillian said...

Congrats! Children are the best gifts we can receive from above.

Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by.

Brushed By An Angel said...

The best pink around - the cheeks of a newborn. Congrats, she is precious. You couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Sandi, she is absolutely beautiful! Such a fun Christmas y'all are gonna have!!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Donnie said...

What a lovely little pinkie Jenna_Lynn is. Congratulations.

Loved your movie choice too. Happy Pink Saturday.

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh! There is nothing I love more than a pink little bundle! I love newborns they are so sweet and so fresh from God. What a cutie.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Sandi: She is beautiful, just perfect. I am so happy for you. What a wonderful Christmas gift God gave you! Give a kiss for me. Blessings, Martha

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family! My guess is there will be a lot of pink buying in grandma's future! Happy Pink Saturday!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Sandi,
Congratulations on your beautiful new granddaughter! She is adorable and looks so pretty in pink!
Your going to love having a little granddaughter to buy for. I know I do, the little girl clothes are just so adorable!

NanE said...

Aaah, congratulations! She is beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

Cathy said...

Hi Sandi,

Congratulations on the newest member of the pink family!

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season.

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


chateau de fleurs said...

What a sweet little peach! Congratulations!!! Christie

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

She is soo precious! What an awesome blessing!


Cat & Cricket said...

The best pink bundle anyone could receive!
Enjoy your Holiday season!!

Mary said...

I know your family will especially enjoy this Christmas. She is beautiful. I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary


Your sweet new grandbaby is the greatest gift. I see this movie is many peeps fave.

Roselle said...

Your pink bundle of joy is adorable. So exciting to have her around for her first Christmas! I Love It's A Wonderful Life Too!
Happy PS

Willow said...

She is so cute and what a wonderful early Christmas present she is.

I also love that movie.


Beansieleigh said...

Oh Sandi.. She's absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so very happy for you and all your family!!

Maggie said...

She's perfect!

Happy PS!
In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae @
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Diann said...

Oh congrats of your new beautiful granddaughter Sandi!! What a wonderful pink to show today!!

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Hello Dear Sandi ~ Oh what a joyous occassion - the birth of your beautiful granddaughter. Congratulations to all of you ~ she is a precious gift! It really IS a Wonderful Life, isn't it? BTW - my favourite Christmas movie too, hands down! Thank you for your ongoing kindness & support! xox

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