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Friday, 20 August 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday my pink bloggie friends! How quickly this fun event rolls around every week! I'm glad I found something to share with you all. But before I do that I want to extend my thanks to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday so faithfully every week. I know the time and effort it takes to keep a meme going as I have my own on Tuesdays.
Please click on the link to visit her and her party of pinkettes.

I would like to begin with a little something sweet I received in the mail about three weeks ago.... There are so many lovely and thoughtful people in the land of blogging. Patti, a lovely friend in the States, had found a piece of my favourite Rose Chintz china on one of her treasure hunts and she thoughtfully sent it on to me here in Canada; just because she wanted to bless me! It arrived wrapped sweetly in rosy pink tissue paper and a bow. How delighted I was to receive her gift with a beautifully written pink card!
I love this little fruit nappie with its pink rose and posies adorning the creamy background; another precious piece to add to my collection! Thank you, Patti. Patti is an old-fashioned kind of girl who loves all things vintage, including music. When you visit her blog, you will find a down-to-earth friend and wonderful music playing in the background. Please take a few moments to visit Patti @ Fill My Cup....with Beauty ~ She will make you feel more than welcome!

A few weeks ago, my hubby surprised me with a 'Rose Bud' teapot. You can see it in a post further down. Some of you suggested I go back and get the matching teacup; so I did! I don't normally splurge on china as I prefer to receive it as a gift from someone else, that way there is a sentiment attached to it.

However, last weekend Hubby and I went out for breakfast with some friends at our favourite tea room. While there I treated myself to this Maxwell and Williams teacup which comes with its own dessert plate. Love this pattern with the pink roses sprinkled all over the white background! Gold trim sets it off perfectly. Now we each have one, Judith! I'll bring my teapot and we'll sit and have some tea.

Here is the scenery outside the tea room. Gorgeous pink roses set off the lovely vistas in the background. It really is a lovely spot to go for tea!

That is the river Clyde in the background. The Lord has made us a beautiful world to live in, hasn't He?

One of my last pink summer roses snuggles up to the teacup. The pinks are a perfect match!
Does tea taste better in china teacup? Why, yes, it does!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone and enjoy your weekend!
I invite you all to stop by and join me on Tuesdays for my tea party, Tea Time Tuesday. I would love to have you! There is also a Giveaway on the horizon!
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi..

    That's so cool that Patti found a matching piece of china to compliment your existed set..and that's so cool. You're in Canada and she found a matching piece in the States..What a blessing that is..and Patti is a really nice lady. I love her writing!!! One of my favorites is when she gives her movie reviews :) :)

    The pinks are lovely and the River Clyde looks like a beautiful place to visit, especially with all those pink roses. Someday I"ll make it to Canada for a visit..

    Oh I was at the grocery store the other day looking for my Stone Wheat Thin crackers...a wonderful product of Canada...and my grocery store doesn't carry them anymore.That's a what will I do? I'll have to find them at another store :) :)

    Yes, tea is definitely better in a china tea question about it :) :) :) Have a lovely weekend Sandi!!! Loved all your pinks today!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Beautiful teacups and beautiful views. Also a lovely gift from a friend.


  3. Happy Pink Saturday Sandi Sweetie...
    Oh my what a beautiful share. I love the tea cup photos, ane yes tea does look beautiful in the cup.

    I love the photos of your roses posing in front of the River Clyde behind. What a beautiful place to sit and have tea. Yes, we are truly blessed with the paintbrush of God everywhere in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing with me today. What a wonderful gift from your friend Patti here in the states.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Happy Pink Saturday Sandi - and you're on for tea with our matching cups and saucers!
    I can attest to tea tasting better in china - and stays hot longer.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Dear Sandi,

    That INDEED is a lovely place for a Tea Room! My goodness, I would stay there for the next meal and for the night I'm afraid. Next month we'll drive to Canada with some dear friends who will come from The Netherlands. I've always found that in Canada you have far more luck finding great porcelain items... But it might have changed. You at least show us some treasures!

    Have a great weekend and sunny greetings from Georgia/USA


  6. Hey Sandi! Glad you liked my tip for getting sheets to say on. :) Your china is very lovely and it was SO sweet of Patti to send you a piece like you collect. There are some seriously wonderful women in blog land! :)
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday, your Pink chintz is wonderful and chintz china happens to be my favorite, what a great gift. Thanks for sharing, XOXO

  8. What a wonderful gift! Your teacups are so very pretty!!! All of your pinks are beautiful!!

  9. Hello Sandi,
    Thank you for sharing all your rosey pinks today! They are all lovely!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Warm hugs, Laura

  10. So pretty and I must agree, tea does state betterin a china cup, and cookies taste better on a china plate too! How very sweet of your friend to send that piece to you! And those outdoor photos are lovely. Happy Pink Saturday- CailinMarie

  11. Thank you for your kinds about me and my blog. I feel the same way about you and about so many gals here in blogland. Truly, there is a loving, giving spirit around here, isn't there?

    I LOVE your teacup, and I think it's great that you splurged on yourself. Every once in awhile, I think we need to do that. It is a totally gorgeous pattern.

    The setting outside the tearoom is beautiful. I love the roses and the river. Indeed, yes, God has given us an amazing creation to enjoy. In fact, for The Tablescapers Summer Sundays link party tomorrow, I am showing photos from our trips to Yellowstone National Park...a place that always reminds us of the majesty and awesomeness of God.

    Have a lovely, love-filled day.


  12. I love both patterns! Teatime is special and I adore going to tea rooms. It has been a long time since I have been to one.

  13. Sometimes it is nice to treat yourself to something you love. You are worth it. I think you picked well. Lovely teacup.

  14. Hi Sweetie!
    What a sweet post and I can see why you would be so delighted to receive that sweet lil bowl. Those are sooooo hard to find, even on ebay where I have looked. They are some of the last pieces that I am needing.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that tea cup pattern! And that must be a very sweet Tea Room cause those pictures of the landscape are so beautiful! Yes indeed our LORD has made some pretty amazing beauty to be seen, enjoyed and lauded!!!


  15. Ah, so many pretty roses, Sandi. Both in Nature and on your china teacups. I really like how your friend wrapped your package - it's as pretty as the gift (well, almost ;)

  16. We both have been blessed by good friends. You really received a nice assortment of goodies. I would love to have tea with you anytime. Your set is great.

  17. Sandi, what a view of the river. I am afraid I would be out there watching all the activity for hours each day. How peaceful and love those roses too.
    Your hubby did a great thing by giving you that lovely cup and saucer. I wonder if he has any idea what a heart felt gift that was? Sometimes our men just know, don't they?
    We are all so blessed to have the bloggers friends we do. What a wonderful gift and surprise you were given. Happy Pink Saturday my friend, Char

  18. Hello Sweet Sandi,
    I hope you had a lovely Pink day! I am a wee bit late, but I made it! I am sorry your back is hurting and yes, it would be wonderful if we were near to drink tea and comfort one another...I am feeling better. I think I am finally getting used to the meds and I am working away to get better so I can get off of them all together!
    Loving hugs,

  19. Thank you for sharing your PINK today - love the teacups !!!!
    I hope you're enjoying your weekend !

  20. What a delight for someone to find that piece for you! There are some kind, generous hearts in blogland! I love how this brings us together. Love your thoughtful husband's gift too!
    What a sweet post!

  21. Hi Sandi... What a beautiful post! Yes Tea tastes better in a china cup, and I think a presents is all the better with curly ribbon on top (my Mom always made me curly ribbons:-)
    Happy Pinkk Saturday!

  22. Good Morning Sandi!

    It's so nice to meet you! THank you so much for stopping by my new place to visit me!! Oh how I love the beauty of Prince Edward Island and the sweet Anne of Green Gables... such a special place of stories and dreaming for me.
    I adore your chintz ware. I only have one teacup & saucer in a violet pattern ( I collect violet tea pieces) and it is so sweet. The price has gone sky high chintz ware. My girlfriend & I just saw some pieces this week & were amazed at the prices.
    I love your blog Sandi and will be back often. Thank you for your prayers for Junior, Marie's brother... I will pray for those on your list.

    Blessings & hugs, Sherry

  23. Oh wonderful for Patti to find something here in the States for you in Canada! What a blessing.

    Love all your pinks from yesterday my friend. I love cups and saucers and if they include pink roses then I love them all the more.

    My doggie, Mollie, ate some little vermin. Don't want to know WHAT...:(. Her little 'treat' cost me $150 at the Vet. I'm telling everyone she is no longer allowed in pottyland without me. Nooo nooo noo! :)

    Love to you this beautiful Sunday~


  24. Hope you had a lovely pink Saturday! Beautiful post.

  25. love everything!

  26. Bonjour Sandi! Beautiful post. And the view!!!!Love the edge of roses. ♥ Hélène Flont


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