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Monday, 1 March 2010

A Hint of What's Coming Up On Tea Time Tomorrow.

Good morning Bloggers. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We are having a rather nasty day today here on the Island. We were without power for about an hour and a half this morning in our neighborhood and it was starting to get chilly when the lights finally came back on. That is one disadvantage of having a pellet stove; when the lights go out, so does the stove. Anyway, everything is back to normal, thank goodness!

Tomorrow, it is Tea Time Tuesday once again and I have a special tea to share with you.
Hint: Love is in the air!
I hope you will come and join me. If you plan to participate, please let me know in a comment as soon as possible so I can add your link to my Tea Time post. Thank you!
In the meantime, I hope you're all having a wonderful day.
Just think, Spring is only 18 days away!!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


Beth said...

Sandi, I plan to participate in your tea. So glad to have the opportunity.
Here's the permalink to my post:

Becky K. said...

I'll look forward to seeing your tea post tomorrow.

So glad to hear that your power came back. It has been a very crazy winter....

Becky K.


this photo is absolutely darling! I want to see myself transformed into a little fairy and put into a tea cup...but I don't think that would be as cute somehow?!! lol

well done...

ciao bella...

Vicki said...

Hello, dear Sandi,
I am glad things are back to normal for you there. We have really had quite a winter, haven't we? I look forward to seeing the tea time posts tomorrow. I hope to participate one of these days! Have a beautiful week! Vicki

Rita said...

Dear Sandi,
thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.
What a lovely photo you're sharing today. so sweet!
Too bad I cannot partake in your tea time tomorrow...must be great fun and I adore all that is tea-related, but will definitely stop by to enjoy your post.
have a fabulous week

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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