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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

It's REDnesday!

Today is Wednesday and that means it's REDnesday over at Sue's "It's A Very Cherry World." If you love the colour red and you would like to participate, then please go see Sue at
Christmas is a-comin' and I'm starting to decorate for the holidays. I am putting my Christmas village out all along the ledge in the family room. One of my favourite pieces is the ceramic farm I made for my father. He always loved farms, particularly red barns! I guess that's why I love 'em too. When Daddy passed away, my mother gave the farm back to me so I have incorporated it into the village.
I made the farm house with its red trimmed windows, the barn and silo, and the mill. I also made the trees. I cannot help but think about my father whenever I bring them out every year. Actually Christmas makes me miss him alot because he was the one who made Christmas so magical in the home when I was growing up.
The red barn with its silo. The silo got a little nick in it during one of the moves. I will have to touch that up.
The farm house has a porch and curtains in the red- trimmed windows.
The old mill.
Another view of the farm.

A close up of the red barn.

Thanks for visiting me today. Please go see Sue and all her red offerings by clicking on the link or the REDnesday button on my sidebar. Have a beautiful day everyone!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. CUTE!!! Looking Christmsa at your house!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Oh Sandi, eye candy gorgeous.
    Girl you did a beautiful job, and I know your Daddy loved that barn. What a lovely thing for your Moma to share and give it back to you to be able to display it with your Christmas village pieces and think of your Daddy as you do. Aren't memories just wonderful? We can pull them from a book on the shelf anytime, and relive them if only for a moment or two.

    Beautiful Sandi, just beautiful and thank you for sharing this precious story with me today.

    Please stop by and say hi. I love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  3. You did a very nice paint job - much nicer than the store-bought ones! I'm glad you have those as a memorial to him each Christmas season.

  4. Sandi, YOU made that? It's fantastic, and it fits right in with the other darling items. I hope you have a great day.

  5. Sandi, I love your Christmas village! I like it so much more than the ones from the store. You have added your own personal touch, and they are unique. And what a wonderful remembrance of your Dad. I bet it would be nice to sit there with the lights out and and just have those lights under the "snow" glowing softly!
    Happy Rednesday!

  6. Hi Sandi,
    How very sweet your Christmas village is and you made the ceramic farm, that is amazing! I love it.
    I have always enjoyed making a Christmas town, we have many pieces for our town, the only problem is that it takes so long to unpack and set it all up. I'm not sure if Gary will set the hole town up this year or not, last year we made a mini town.
    I enjoyed your post.
    Take care and have a great day!

  7. Sandi, your little farm is precious! How did you make the it a mold that you paint after it hardens? I love those, and have one that I made for Christmas...I'll show it next week. I miss my dad too...I remember telling both my parents that I wanted them to live forever...they do, actually, they live on in my heart...I can imagine every time you see the sweet little barn, that you remember him so well. Just precious, Sandi...its a wonderful Christmas decoration with such sweet memories and meaning.

    Have a wonderful Rednesday...God bless!


  8. You lucky girl to have all those treasures. Thanks for sharing them today.

  9. Hi Sandi!

    What a wonderful Christmas set! The little barn and accessories are just adorable!

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Did you made all these cute little houses yourself???? Wow, that's beautiful!!! I understand it reminds you of your Dad. But it's a very nice memory.
    Happy Rednesday!

  11. This is such a great little set! So cute. I'm sure you'll cherish them for a long time.

  12. Its begining to look a lot like Christmas!! Love that Old Mill.

  13. What a cheerful display. And how meaningful, to have the pieces you made for your father now a part of the village.

    "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...!!!"

  14. Very sweet - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house.

  15. Beautiful Christmas village !You did a wonderful job on it .

  16. Oh that is lovely!! The barn is so cute. Happy weekend!

    Thank you for dropping by at my site I do appreciate it.

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