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Friday, 18 September 2009

An Heirloom Party

Hello everyone~ Today I am joining Marie and friends for an Heirloom and Giveaway Party

Most of us have something precious which has been handed down to us at one time or another. Some hold dear memories of grandparents and other ancestors. I have a few items which may not exactly fit into the antique category but I do have some precious sentimental treasures that I would like to share with you.

First up is a photo of my maternal grandparents. When I was born, my parents lived with my maternal grandparents until they built their first home. So I became very close to them. My grandmother Laura will always hold a special place in my heart because she was the first person to leave a loving impression upon me. She was so sweet and took me to church when I was only a toddler. How I adored her and I still miss her terribly! This photo was taken on their 25th wedding anniversary back in the fifties.
Next is my grandmother's first cookbook which she started as a young girl still in school. It is very tattered and soiled but I treasure it. Someday I may try to preserve it somehow. My sweet Auntie Phyllis passed it down to me.
I have my grandmother's only doll too which she left to me but her face was broken before I got her and I will have to have her repaired. She is not very pretty at the moment. When I am able to have her face repaired, I will show her off then.

Most of my lovely Rose Chintz dishes which I love so much were passed down to me by my beloved Auntie P also.
She helped me to get started on collecting them. They were her first set of dishes and she knows I love them too. I have quite a few pieces now, thanks to her generosity. I have several mosaic pieces made by my parents when I was a teenager. When my Daddy passed away, my mother passed them on to me. They will always be treasured.
This lamp had been a wedding gift to my aunt in the early fifties and she gave it to me when I was engaged to be married. It had an ecru satin ruffled shade but had somehow gotten nailpolish on it. I used the lamp for several years and then put it away for a time. I always planned to get a new shade for it because I still love it.
This lovely throw is not very old because my Auntie P made it for me a few years ago. However, it will be kept as an heirloom and passed down to someone in my family someday. As you've probably already figured out, my Auntie and I are very close. She is my mother's youngest sister and I am so thankful she is still a part of my life! She is only fifteen years older than me so she is more like a big sister to me. We are great friends and I cherish her.

These plates were purchased by my father years ago who got them specifically to pass on to his family. The two blue plates are from the Bradford Exchange and when Daddy died, they came to me. Both plates were done by artist Sandra Kuck.
This hockey plate was left to my hubby by my father also. Daddy was a very big Gordie Howe fan and bought the plate to pass on to my hubby who is also a big fan of Gordie's and the Detroit Red Wings.

Also given to me by my Auntie P is this quilt which I have hanging in the den. She had given it to me years ago. She had designed it and made it herself as a young bride with some help from her mother. I had also used it for many years until it was no longer useable. I had my DIL salvage what she could and make it into a wallhanging for me. She also salvaged three stars from it which I had framed and gave to two of my DILs. The third star is still waiting for my youngest son's wife to be, whoever she turns out to be!

Hanging from a pretty shelf in the bedroom is this little flower girl gown and matching bonnet which were handmade for me to wear at a relative's wedding when I was four years old. I hardly recall the day but I'm so glad my mother held on to it and gave it to me.

One of the treasures I have held on to is my old autograph book from my High School days. It is special because it holds a lot of memories as well, including the very first time my hubby told me loved me when we started going together!
I have scratched a messy heart over his name for privacy; just in this photo! *smile*
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will take a walk down memory lane and visit the other Heirloom participants. Have a nice day.

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Sandi,
    Thanks for coming by.
    It's wonderful you have such treasures from your family.

    Love that old cookbook!!
    and your tea set.

    blessings on your day.

    Barbara jean

  2. Isn't this party fun? All this history....I just love it!!!

    That cookbook is incredible...what a wonderful treasure!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I love the dishes (SO pretty!!!) and throw - I have an old bedspread made by my great aunt that it kind of reminds me of!

  4. I am really enjoying this blog party. It's fun to see what is so special to everyone. You can really feel the love seeing the items & reading the stories that go with them.

  5. Oh my, what precious treasures! I love them all (well, of course I'd love those Rose Chintz dishes...serious dish envy going on) but the MOST precious is that autograph album and those sweet scrawls.

    Lovely! Cass

  6. Hi, Sandi,
    You have shared some precious memories of loved ones. I enjoyed reading about your sweet family, grandmother, aunt, and your parents. I loved seeing all your heirlooms. Congratulations on having so many sweet memories to share. Vicki

  7. You have such wonderful heirlooms!
    I love the china.The cookbook must make you feel close to your grandmother every time you use it.
    I have enjoyed everything you have shared.Thanks for stopping by &leaving the sweet comment.;-)

  8. What sweet treasures. I especially enjoyed looking at the ceramic mosaics.

  9. Those are some lovely treasures! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Sandi; Oh what lovely family treasures you have... So many beautiful things,hard to pick a favorite... so I won't love them all.. thank you for sharing them..
    have a great weekend.


  11. Oh Sandi, just lovin' your special treasures! My faves are the old cook book and your autograph book! What a sweet little saying on that page! Too cute. I'm so glad you have all of these wonderful things to enjoy and pass along one day.

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  12. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments. I love all of your heirlooms. We have a lot of the same things! I have those dishes (Rose Chintz) and I also have that plate with the little kids fishing. I love your old cookbook. Come visit again soon!

  13. I love the glad that I stopped by..
    ....Had a free night to blog hop. Hope you will stop by new Christmas blog ...There is a great giveaway that I will draw for on Oct 1st and all you need to do to enter is comment.

  14. I love your pinks, but I love love love the old cookbook

  15. Sandi:
    It seems a shame that those of this generation take the 'treasures' you have for granted. It was just a part of our past. Forgot about the lamp and now remember....You are a treasure, my sweet niece.....I'm glad you got these items since you are the one to treasure them....Auntie P

  16. Oh Sandi! You really have truly wonderful heirlooms! I have really enjoyed visiting them all! The cook book is a treasure not to be matched!
    Hugs, Lisa

  17. I'm soooo late for this party but I did want to get by to say hello and see what heirlooms you were sharing. I LOVE the old cookbook! Amazing!

  18. You have so wonderful keepsakes. True treasures for the heart! xo rachel

  19. Wow, a week later and I am finally stopping by! ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment btw. You have some very lovely treasures, I especially love the cookbook, how neat!


I am delighted to have you visit me and I read every comment. Please forgive me for not being able to visit you all as there are so many of you lovely bloggy friends now. I will visit as much as possible. I wish you a day filled with JOY! ~ Sandi

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