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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Beach Party

Hello everyone~ Today we're all heading to the beach for some blogging fun! Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage is having a beach party and since I spend most of my summer on the beach, and love all things beachy, I couldn't resist joining in the fun!

I will begin inside my home with a beachy centerpiece.....A rose bowl tied with raffia and filled with sand and a sparkly starfish. Snuggled up to the bowl are glass pebbles, seashells, sparkly starfish, and candles.
Prince Edward Island has the nicest beaches in Canada, or so we think. The sand on the North Shore is reddish and the sand on the South Shore, around Basin Head is considered white, but I call it pink! The sand at Basin Head is also called the Singing Sands because it sings when you walk on it. This is it below; isn't it pretty?

Now to begin my tour of beachy things, I would like to introduce you to Dalvay, which is our favourite spot this year. We can't wait to kick off our flip flops, spread the beach towels, set up the chairs, and have the bottle of water close by. Snacks or a picnic are in the cooler.Dalvay beach is on the north shore and it is wide with no rocks, so it is great for taking long walks on. Here, you will find little ones building sand castles and big ones sand bowling. There are umbrellas of every size and colour and overhead, you might see kites and surf gliders.Dalvay also has a spectacular hotel which was used in all the Anne of Green Gables movies and TV series. It was built by Alexander MacDonald who hailed from Scotland and settled in America. He started the Standard Oil Company and built Dalvay as a summer home, and every year he would bring his whole family and staff here. Dalvay is a very unique area and we're so blessed to have it here!Can you see the yellow carriage in front? That is the actual carriage that Mr. McDonald traveled in while on the Island. The carriage was built around 1895.It really is a spectacular place to see and stay!

Along the north shore, is one of our many light houses with the beach just steps away from it.....You will see one of our many sand hills.....Dalvay beach has lots of sand bars which are wonderful for the little ones to play on. This little girl was having a great time playing with her umbrella. It is as though she was posing for me. Nothing is more soothing to me than sitting on the beach and listening to the sound of the lacey edged waves slapping on the shore!These young folks were beach bowling. Would you like to go sea-dooing?
Or boating?
Building sand castles.......
Wind surfing......
Romping in the water... This time of year, the water is like bath water; very warm!
When it's really hot, you want to put your chair right out in the water and just soak up the sun.
Maybe you would like to read a good book.....
Even the Canada Geese call Dalvay beach home this time of year!

Now what have we here?Why, it's a wedding party....
Flying kites..........The lad in the blue shirt is the guy responsible for flying the kites!

Throwing around a football....or a frisbee Last Saturday we were on the beach because it was too hot to stay home and I regret I didn't take my camera! It was a glorious day out there. While we were there, some fellas were out golfing on the shore. I really wish I had taken my camera with me. They were right down on the water and had to keep moving their pegs because the tide kept moving in on them.
Now we'll move back inside for another beachy center piece. An old tarnished silver tray is adorned with sand, seashells, starfish and candles.
My teacup gets in on the beachy theme too!
Even the bathroom gets in on the fun! A goblet of sand, votive, and seashells snuggle up to a fish vase in the half bath!I love sparkly starfish, don't you?

Hope you enjoyed my beachy scenes. Please make your way over to The Shabby Chic Cottage by clicking on the link or click on the beach party button on my sidebar. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful time at the party!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. I soooo wanna go to Prince Edward Island some day. Anne of Green Gables were some of my favorite books as a little girl, and I've always wanted to go there.

    Love those beachy finds! Thanks for joining me!

  2. Oh those beach pictures are so beautiful. I'd love to go to PEI someday.

  3. Thanks for the tour of Dalvay Beach. Since I've never seen any beaches other than those here in Florida, I thought it was fascinating that your sand is so different from ours. "Pink" sand or white...there is no place like the beach! :)

  4. Hello Sandi - thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! Love your sparkly starfish, they're my fave. And I'd love to stay in that fabulous hotel!


  5. Beautiful beach - What a wonderful vacation destination that would be!
    Sweet story telling and I love the sparkle starfish. Rhonda

  6. Such a veritable feast of beach photos! Love it!
    The starfish are so sweet.

    And the beaches look like they go for miles and miles!
    Oh, my Anne of Green Gables is our whole families absolute favorites! when our girls were little, they would like to speak like Anne with her large vocabulary...and just the other day, I walked into the room with Anne of Green Gables on PBS...our 3 children are away for college, so it was my big, man's man kinda hubby watching it :o)

    Loved your beach party! ...and what cute grandkids you have as well! I can't wait til we have some grandbabies!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  7. Hi Sandi...Well, I have never had the pleasure of walking on sand that sings! I'd like to experience that! :-) Dalvay is gorgeous...I'd so love to spend a night there! Love all your wonderful pics...thanks for the beach adventure this evening! Susan

  8. Looks like a lovely area to see someday. What a blessing to live somewhere so beautiful!~Patti

  9. Sandi, your pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a spectacular place you are fortunate enough to live I would love to spend even one day there on that gorgeous much activity, yet it looks so calm and peacful...thanks so much for sharing your life with us!


  10. Love your beachy accents! Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. I would love to visit there one day. My daughter now lives in Canada with her husband and 2 boys, outside Montreal.

  11. Hi Sandi, beautiful beach photos, makes me long for a Canada vacation! Thanks for taking us along!

  12. We live in a beautiful country! I am a west coast girl and would love to visit the east coast some day. Prince Edward Island is beautiful. As I followed the pictures it was like I went on a mini trip to the beach...thank you Sandi.

  13. It is so lovely to see so many beautiful beaches. You are very lucky to have one so close to your home!

  14. Loved seeing all your beach party photos ~ I joined in too.

  15. What a beautiful adventure. I hope you find a piece of sea glass.
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: You have an award at arise 2 write

  16. funny how I don't think of beaches when I think of Canada, but all of these photos are gorgeous!! I especially love the home photos.

  17. what a gorgeous beach, you are so blessed to live where you can go there...i love your little aqua starfish

  18. wow -- what a hotel!!

    those photos are beautiful. God sure has made so many amazing places -- I'd love to see it in person some day.

  19. I think I wpold just enjoy lying on the beach and feeling the coastal breeze on me.That hotel looked fabulous! would love to visit PE island someday! Traci

  20. Beautiful beach scenes and I adore the silver tray with the sand and candle.

  21. Thanks for showing the beach pictures, I loved the color of the sand. A very cute ideal with the starfish and the towel. Not only could I stay in that hotel I think I could live there. Thanks for visiting Copper~n~Things.

  22. The sparkly starfish is so pretty..., and thanks for all the beach pics. I love virtual traveling!

  23. The beach where you live looks fabulously relaxing. I would so love to visit Prince Edward Island. And it's not because of Anne of Green Gables. I've never read the books or seen the movies. I'm going purely by photos posted by bloggers who live there. Thanks for sharing your inside & outside beach stuff with us all.

  24. Sandi, thank you for stopping by my blog and inviting me to yours. What an absolute delight to visit here. Your beach pics are divine!! I feel as if I'm right there. I enjoyed reading your profile and look forward to visiting your other blog. I will be adding you to follow!! Have a blessed day!

  25. The thought of visiting Prince Edward Island thrills me! Your pictures of the beach are wonderful to view!

  26. Hasn't God created a gorgeous world for us to enjoy!! I LOVE the beach, too. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  27. Hi Sandi,
    I love the windsurfing and the kites! So beautiful...Prince Edward Island is gorgeous and the pink sand is so inviting! Thanks for the beachy tour!


  28. Singing sand and lacy edged waves slapping on the shore.. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures!
    Wishing I was there.hugs, Cherry

  29. wow, PEI looks so lovely. love all of your photos and the beachy touches around your home!


  30. Singing sands? I'd love to walk on this beach. Such beautiful photos!
    xo Roberta

  31. Your beaches are so inviting... and your arrangement on the silver tray is divine :-)

    Pleasant day,

  32. Sandi:
    You have give me a tour of Prince Edward Island that I did not know existed and I only live about 2 hours drive from there! That was a lovely walk along the sandy shores of PEI. Thank you. I loved it and I love you....Auntie P

  33. I just love those sparkly starfish!! The color is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  34. Hi,
    Such beautiful beach pics . The Starfish decor was great also.In a children's museum in Wilmington,NC ,They have (I hope they still do, it been a few years since I visited that museum ) a wall with shelves filled with small bottles that contain sand from beaches all over the US & the world. I was surpised at the differences in the sand. But all beaches are beautiful .8-)

  35. What a pretty place! And I love the glittery starfish!


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