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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Spiritual Sundays

Welcome to Spiritual Sundays which is a weekly event hosted by Charlotte and Ginger. Folks gather here to share and inspire with their stories of faith, hymns, and testimonials. Please click on the Spiritual Sundays button on my sidebar to go visit.

Today I would like to share a spiritual song written in 1998 by Lynn DeShazo and Gary Sadler.


We are a moment, You are forever

Lord of the ages, God before time.

We are a vapor, You are eternal

Love everlasting, reigning on high.


Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain.

Highest praises, honor, and glory,

Be unto Your name.

Be unto Your name.

We are the broken, you are the Healer

Jesus Redeemer, mighty to save.

You are the love song we'll sing forever

Bowing before You, blessing Your name.

When my hubby and I pastored our last church, this was one of the favourite songs of our flock. It is a simple song but it glorifies the Lord with its words and lovely melody. The words penned tell how insignificant we are and how great and mighty our God is! I'm sure most of you are familiar with it.

To all my friends in America, I wish you a safe and happy weekend. God bless each one of you.


Lisa said...

Beautiful song and post!

Melly said...

Sandi, I've not heard this song before, the words are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing it :)
Hugs Melly:)

Ms.Daisy said...

I've not heard this one either, but I am familiar with DeShazo's music. She wrote "Ancient Words" in is one of my very favorite pieces.


koralee said...

What a beautiful really does bring comfort to one's soul when reading the words...thank you for sharing it and a great big thank you for visiting my blog for pink Saturday...i have not heard about Spiritual Sundays before so thanks for the introduction! God Bless you this week!

sister sheri said...

I agree! Beautiful song!

micey said...

Beautiful song! I don't think I've ever heard it...

enchanting cottage said...

Beautiful words! I'm not sure if I have heard this or not. But the words are truly beautiful.

Andrea said...

Beautiful....HE is definately our healer.

char72 said...

Love the words to this song. I don't recall hearing it. There are so many beautiful contemporary songs now. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Kathy said...

Beautiful, Sandi!

CIELO said...

Blessings and sunshine send your way my dear friend....


Cherdecor said...

I don't know where I have heard this song, but as I was reading the words, the tune came to me so I sang it. It is a very lovely song.

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain.

Highest praises, honor, and glory,

Be unto Your name. AMEN!

Karen said...

Yes, I love that song, too. God bless you today and thanks for sharing.

Smilingsal said...

I'm not familiar with this song; I love the words.

Lisa said...

Always one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing this morning!
hugs, Lisa

Susan said...

Lovely hymn. I was not aware of it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing, Sandi.

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Wonderful .

God Chaser said...

Thanks for sharing the song was new for me-beautiful words you are right shows just who we are compared to all God is. Blessings

♥Aubrey said...

What a wonderful idea!

kymber said...

Hi Sandi,
I LOVE that song! Beautiful lyrics!
Blessings on your day,

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